Sunday, April 24, 2011

Things that have made me smile recently... The Easter Edition!

I have fond memories of Easter from my childhood. Mum always made a big effort with all the holidays, and we would decorate egg shells and hang them of native branches and there was always a wonderful chocolatey surprise on Easter morning as well. When we took the boys to visit my parents (mum and step-dad), they organised an egg hunt for the boys - which we tried to replicate last year.

This year has been fairly low key. We had hot cross buns on Friday - and were pleasantly surprised when our neighbour across the road came and gifted us her excess buns because she thought, with all our kids, we'd enjoy them (and we did!).

We almost didn't have anything to give the boys on Easter morning this year due to tight finances (and needing to eat real food), but MIL came to the rescue and bought the boys a bunny each! Thanks Nanna! So, things that have made me smile recently...

1. The generosity of a neighbour!
2. MIL saving the day
3. The way Luey is so organised with his Easter chocolate - he doesn't just scoff it straight out the paper. He gets a cup and carefully breaks it into bight sized pieces and thereby avoids chocolate melting all over his hands!

4. The look of sheer BLISS on Bryn's face - he had a similar look on his face last year, and I thought I just caught him in an off moment but turns out this is actually his reaction to chocolate!

5. The serious business that Ari has deemed chocolate bunny eating to be! You can never take chocolate too seriously, says Ari!

6. The fact that I have no photo of Erik with his egg because by the time I'd taken a photo of each of the other boys, he'd ALREADY eaten his entire bunny! For Erik, [white] chocolate Easter bunny eating is a sport of speed! He assures me he tastes every bite and it was DELICIOUS!

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