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Change is Inevitable...

I'm a fan of change. I get bored easily and tend to embrace most change - even challenging change, because I view it as something fresh and wonderous and, well, exciting... I've been noting the changes around me this week. Some are beautiful, some are inspiring, and some are just a teensy bit scary for this mama...

We have a number of maple trees around this area. In our previous house we had a giant maple. She was the reason I applied to rent that house. She was the first thing I saw that crisp spring day, and she was magnificent in her luminous green crown. Several months after we moved in the weather turned cold and with that her crown turned a multitude of glorious golds and reds. I was enthralled! I loved that tree, she made the cold weather bearable. We don't have a maple in our yard, but we have one on our side nature strip. She isn't a mature as the queen we left behind, but her beautiful autumn shed has cheered me up in the greyness of the past couple of weeks. She has made the cold change a little bit more bearable.

I have always considered myself a lucky person, and not only because I'm born under the influence of the expansive Jupiter, but because, on the whole I am an optimist and I believe every happening in my life is a positive and will benefit me in some way (even if I can't see that way at the time). That said, in the past two years or so, there have been a few times when I've struggled to see how lucky I am - how well provided for I and my family are. This week, though, I won a competition run on My Little Drummer Boys blog. These four pacls represent something like $280 worth of Lego. I'm divvying these up between the boys for their birthdays (they have no idea, so Shhhh!). I, honestly, burst into tears when I found out I'd won. It felt like some sort of curse had been broken for something this nice to happen to us. You see, I really wasn't sure how I was going to afford presents for the boys this year at all - financially, things have never been this tight. However, we are provided for!

Speaking of birthdays... Erik is turning twelve in about 6 weeks time. Slowly, but ever so slowly, he is changing from a child to a young man. Luckily for me, he is an innocent and still likes to play with toys (he'll be so excited about the Lego!), but change is inevitable, and he is starting to mature and take on more responsibility around the house. He organised his first lay-by today, on his own. He is organising to do extra work around the house to pay for it. I don't like to "pay for housework" as such, the boys know they are expected to help around the house for the sake of our small "community", as so he still has to clean his room and the tidy the lounge every day, and set the table on his night without expecting payment, but he is going to start doing the laundry and washing the dishes for a nominal fee to earn some money to pay off his lay-by. I guess some of the changes also have to come from me (relaxing my attitude on pay for housework).

Tonight he told me he told his teacher to take his name down from the rewards list on the class board because he didn't feel he should be "rewarded" for behaving himself in class - as in behaving oneself so everyone can get on with their work should not be done for a reward. His teacher offered him a reward anyway, and he said he didn't need it, so the teacher told him he could give it to anyone of his choosing, so he gave it to the child sitting next to him. I am so proud he has taken this on board!

In other changes, this morning he asked if he could wear my Docs because they fit and he thinks they're cool! I love my Docs, so I didn't want him wearing them but I'm keen to get him his own pair! I'm glad he has decent taste in footwear, too!


Aww, my eyes started leaking as I read this.
I saw the tweet and clicked over.I'm so glad I did.

I love maple trees too.
I'm so glad it wasn't a random competition but your creative talent that won you (& your lovely sons) this prize :)

I hope things get easier financially for you too.

Erik sounds like a very considerate and mature boy.
MY 17 yr was excited about the Lego too.
So was the other winner (he was 28 I think and his boy not even 1)
Sif said…
Thanks so much, Trish! My husband can often be found begging the boys to let him "help" them construct a new model (he's 53!)

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