Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Twelve years ago, I was very pregnant, and I received my first Mother's Day card - from a friend. At the time I thought it a very strange gesture, perhaps a bit jinxy even - you know because my baby hadn't been born yet. I know I certainly didn't feel like a mum twelve years ago...  Fast forward to know, and I have four children, and I STILL often don't feel like a mum! This makes me think about my mum, she had me only 3 and a bit months after turning twenty-one! She was so young! She was living in a foreign country with her new husband and her family was about to move back to Iceland! That was 40 years ago (nearly). I wonder if she feels like a mum after 40 years of being a mum (I'm sure she'll tell me!)?

One thing I know about my mum - that is that there is so much about her I still don't know, and I suspect I will never know! Our children never really see who we are, do they? So, when I think of my mum, I think of a woman who is probably the most resourceful person I know! My mum can make something out of NOTHING, I swear, if you dumped her in the outback with nothing but a backpack, not only would she survive, but she'd probably get to know every soul within 100kms and start some sort of co-op so that everyone else could survive as well. That's my mum!

One thing mum taught me, mostly through modeling, is that it is never too late. It's never to late to start, to learn, to change, to stop, to do anything you need to do to survive. There simply is no such thing as too late. This is something I hope to teach my children...

Today my boys brought me breakfast in bed, and a whole heap of pressies!

1. Green scarf 
2. Purple scarf 
3. Two lavender scented candles 
4. A swish teal notebook with bling on it 
5. A poem by Anon 
6. A handmade coaster 
7. A handmade cupcake
8. (not numbered) A bracelet with a heart

The other side of the bracelet! This is JUST my sort of thing, silver and chunky with a heart (I'm kind of amazed this came from a Mother's Day stall at school! I may also be the only mum who receives this bracelet and actually WANTS to wear it!!!)

One of the teachers at school is a cupcake whiz and helped some of the students make cupcakes on Friday! Despite being stored in a school bag for two days, this cupcake was VERY YUMMY!

I don't know that I've ever left a plate of food at a neighbours (or that any neighbour would appreciate me doing so - considering my cooking skills, or lack thereof!), but I do love a bit of poetry!

I might get Luey to make more of these coasters, maybe a matching set with all our faces on them!

I know a lot of people think Mother's Day is an invented holiday aimed at promoting consumerism, but personally, I love a day that makes me the special person in the house! Happy Mother's Day!


lifeasmummymax said...

wow what amazing mothers day presents :)

Sif Dal said...

Thanks, I thought they were pretty good, though I'm looking forward to the pressies they'll get me once they're all grown and working, too :P (Oooh, a new camera, Ooooh, an iPhad10! Thanks boys!)

√Ěr said...

I do - and love every moment! :D Thank you for being you! :D

Good Job!