Thursday, May 05, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

Today I am thankful for:

  • A gorgeous park to walk in - we chose the area we live in for it's great range of local parks!
  • Having opportunities to make connections with other parents at my boys school.
  • The Emerging Writer's Fest events being cheap enough that I can afford to go to a couple of them - I can't wait!
  • Our gasheater!
  • The ability to recognise the transience of bad feelings and hard times and the knowledges that all things are cyclical. Which means I'm also thankful for the cognitive behavioural therapy I've learned over the years that now allows me to let go of catastrophising when things aren't the way I would wish them to be, and work through the bad feelings and know they'll pass in a few hours or days.
  • No news on the building front from the landlords. I was expecting to have had to move house by now, but so far, so good...
  • Dave's course only taking 10 weeks! He'll be in paid work in no time!
  • A husband with no sense of clothing co-ordination and a cute kid who makes me laugh. Dave believes that as long as the colours "match" then it's a great outfit (patterns just don't come into consideration!).
If the t-shirt looks a little short, that's because
it's a size 0 (for 9-12mos) and Ari is 2.5 YEARS old
and my husband thinks close enough is good enough
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acalmgreen said...

ha ha gorgeous - sounds like my hubs dress sense.

Kate said...

Love it!!!

Particularly great re the house and the course for D!

Good Job!