Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wells of Inspiration...

What inspires you?

You don't have to be a writer or some other kind of artist to answer this question. Inspiration in handy in all sorts of situations, relationships, parenting, business, education. What inspires you to clean the kitchen floor? Or maybe - if you're like me - what would it take for you to feel INSPIRED to clean the kitchen floor (for me it would have to be that by cleaning the kitchen floor I had a better than even chance of revealing a golden ticket to the lifestyle of my dreams - sometimes I wonder if there might be a golden ticket hidden under all the toast crumbs and grime dragged in by four grubby boys from the back yard)?

Wouldn't it be great if we could ring a 1300 number and just order inspiration?

"Hello, yes, I have a submission deadline coming up and I need inspiration for the 3000 words short story. Also, my 12 year old has started moping about the house and slamming doors erratically, so a little inspiration for handling that situation would be good, too. Okay, so it'll be here Tuesday - any chance of sending it express, I'm happy to pay extra!"

Yeah, that'd be great, wouldn't it?

Yes, well, if you come across the classified for that Inspiration 1300 number in the paper, pass it on, would you?

I find a lot of my inspiration comes from the net. Yes, I know that's still not kosher. Living a full and blogworthy life is the "in thing", but I'm hanging onto hope that one day sitting-around-in-your-pjs-in-front-of-the-computer will become a completely acceptable alternative as well (seriously, it costs so much less, and doesn't discriminate against agoraphobes either).

The internet world of blogging, forums, Twitter and Facebook provides many wells of inspiration to dip into whether you need a story idea, business management strategies or parenting advice (just don't let someone else's ideas about your child supplant your own experiences and intuition - there you go, parenting advice right here!).

Of course, if you aren't a fan of flannelette and polar fleece, and like to actually leave your house and mingle with people (really???), then first hand experience with the world can also be immensely inspiring (I have tried it once or twice, when the weather was favourable and there was a promise of good coffee and friendly faces).

Warm, sunny days inspire me.
I hear nature can be very inspiring. Personally, since that time I led my Scout troop into a bog in the forests of Norway, I haven't been a huge fan of nature, myself, but occasionally I do enjoy a colour sunset and the feeling of the sun on my shoulders...

Travelling to new places is supposed to be inspiring - and you don't have to go to Nepal, just somewhere you haven't been before that teaches you something new about the world and those who inhabit it.

Family members can be inspiring - especially dead ones, because they always had really hard lives and got on with it anyway, and were stoic and found joy in the simple things, you know...

So, what inspires you?

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