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Random Acts of Kindness and Paying It Forward...

I have written many times about the Universe providing - I'm constantly aware of being provided for - now I want to talk about being a conduit for the Universe's provision of others... I'm spring boarding this post from Jayne at Random Ramblings of An Unhinged Mind's blog post about Random Acts of Kindness and the Internet.

This week I've been very blessed by other people's Random Acts of Kindness and Paying It Forwards.

Wednesday really sucked (did you read my blog post, didn't even come close to how crappy I felt), and for the first half of the day I hid in bed because I just didn't want to face the world and my frustration over so many things. I was at once convinced that I should become a Buddhist and that I could never succeed at becoming a Buddhist because I can't grasp living in the moment - I always live in the future, I always live in a place of desire and longing...

Then I got on Twitter - as you do - and read about the NuffNang Blogopolis Conference coming up at the end of next month. I realised two things immediately; with only a total of 150 tickets on sale, it would sell out in no time (at the time of writing this all the tickets are indeed sold out - only 96 hours after it was announced!) AND I had NO MONEY - not even to borrow from Peter to pay Paul - for another fortnight.

It felt so unfair!

I hadn't been able to go to the first Aussie Bloggers Conference in Sydney back in March, and now there was a Con right here in Melbourne that I could get to if only I had $100... As I said, a real low point. Then Jayne sms'd me and asked if I was going, and I dumped all my frustration about not being able to go on her, and she sms'd back that someone had given her $100 to help her out recently and that person wanted her to pay that money forward, so she was going to buy me a ticket - I just need to pay it forward in turn!

Okay, so you might be thinking - who cares about a blogging conference anyway? Probably only bloggers. I'm a blogger. I also want to be a competent, connected blogger so that one day I might be able to use my skill and contacts to earn an income and support my family better. Blogging is usually done in isolation - as in you sit at home and blog - so conferences are great ways to meet people and maybe even make new friends in person! So, to me, this was a big deal!

Then yesterday my favourite clothing company, Holy Clothing, posted some new release items on their Facebook page! I saw an amazing dress and I wanted it the way a child would want a lollipop. Impulsively, I posted a link to the dress on Facebook, and asked (in jest) if any of my friends wanted to buy it for me. I really was only joking about someone else buying it for me. Asking someone to buy me a dress seems terribly frivolous and would not be something I would do in all seriousness, honestly (It's important to me you know this about me! Can you tell?).

To my shock, a friend contacted me and said she wanted to buy it for me! At first I was quite horrified - partly because I wanted to jump at the offer (those dresses sell out so quickly) and partly because I was embarrassed over wanting to take up the offer. My friend said I should consider it an early birthday present - which actually really made it much, much easier for me to accept.

I was so moved by these Random Acts of Kindness this week! It makes want to be sure to do this for other people as well. These acts were both very generous in a financial sense - and I've been very fortunate in that way in the past, as well, each act is filed away in my mind, I don't forget these acts - BUT even inexpensive acts of kindness, such as the neighbour who brought us her overflow of hot cross buns and Easter eggs recently, or the young guy on the coach who let Erik and Luey play on his iPad for an hour or so during a 10 hour trip, or the women who told us our children were beautifully well behaved, those acts of kindness make such an enormous difference to us - often to a degree the other person will probably never be aware of.

That's the brilliant thing about both the concept of Randoms Acts of Kindness and Paying It Forward, you don't have to have an excess to make it happen, all you need is the will to do it...

I thought I'd share couple of resources... Feel free to add your own in comments!

29 ways to perform random acts of kindness in the every day.
The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

Image: source


Kate said…
Such lovely random acts, I'm stoked for you that you are getting that dress!

People can be marvellous when you let them be :)
Sif said…
Yes, letting people help you is key. It's very hard to do though, and honestly, I'm going to think twice before ever asking the www to buy me a dress. It still feels frivolous and I still feel completely unworthy of such generosity and have to keep telling myself 'it's a birthday present'... I'm endlessly grateful though because I really, really did want that dress and I will cherish it. I ordered it in green to remind myself how lucky I am and how generous other people are!

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