Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trials and Tribulations Tuesday...

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Yesterday was a wild and wacky day in our household.

It's started off mundane enough. Boys off to school, the Grumpy Old Man and I pottering around, doing dishes (him), tweeting (me), coffee drinking (both of us).

Then I went to look up something on Google and got an error message. I refreshed and the same message popped up. I asked the Grumpy Old Man if he'd been having any trouble on his browser, and he confirmed he had. We figured it was probably just a fault on the line and got on with writing out a shopping list and trundling off to the supermarket with the Little Lama in tow.

Back from shopping a couple of hours later, and the computer was still not making any meaningful connection with the net, so I called Telstra.

After a lot of "If you want waffles with icecream, press 1" and giving anonymous operators my name, date of birth, and bra size, I was finally put in touch with a technician. She said the line was clear, and as my modem appeared to be working just fine, she thought the problem might lie with my wireless adapter. She told me to uninstall it and re-install it, and if I was still having a problem I should call back.

I uninstall the Dlink adapter, but soon realised I couldn't find the driver disk to reinstall it. No matter, Dave's computer had been AWOL for a few weeks, so I took the NetGear wireless adapter from his computer (that Telstra had given us when they set up our wireless network), loaded the drivers for it from disk, and tried to make the adapter talk to the NetGear modem (also from Telstra).

It told me the modem needed to be switched on.

The modem was switched on.

Basically, the adapter couldn't find the signal from the modem. So, I rebooted the modem, but still no go.

I called Telstra again. Many, many minutes later, I got through to another technician, recalled the story so far, and the new technician had me open a few windows, and read stuff to him. He then concluded that although I had asked the Dlink software to "completely uninstall". there must still be a folder somewhere on my C drive that needed to be deleted because the NetGear adapter wasn't installing properly because it still detected the Dlink adapter software on the computer - still following me? Yeah, I was confused by now, too.

He said, "Ring Dlink, and get them to tell you where the folder on your computer is, so you can delete it".

I called Dlink, after a wait, they took my details and told me a technician would call me back.

By now, I'd been actively trying to sort this situation out for nearly three hours.

I waited for a call back, 5pm ticked around, and I was still waiting.

Then I heard a loud thumped and high pitched scream come from Bryn's room.

Dave and I rushed in there, and he was lying crumpled on the floor screaming that his arm hurt.

We managed to figure out that he had fallen from the low chest of draws he'd been perching on and landed awkwardly on his arm. His face was sickly shade of grey and he was sobbing and hyperventilating. He said he wanted to lie down and was distraught about his arm really hurting.

I checked by couldn't see any evidence of injury, other than his loud complaints. I decided it was best to get it checked out nonetheless and bundled him up and ordered a cab.

We pulled up outside the hospital and his sobbing had subsided and then he says, "It's all better now, look!" and he twists his arm and open and closes his hand - something he was absolutely sure he couldn't do at home.   I walk him into the ED even so, but once in there I realise we'll be triaged as very low priority and would be there for hours, and now he seems fine, so I call another taxi and we go home.

And this is where I'll mention that there was a body lying on a stretcher, covered completely by a sheet, but not secured by belts and NOT being supervised by anyone OUTSIDE the Emergency Department doors. I carefully guided Buddha around it, with commenting to him what it was and praying he wouldn't ask!

Back home. No one had called back from Dlink. I call them again and this time get a technician on the line. The technician has me check a few windows and folders, and declares all traces of the previous Dlink adapters software to be gone. He suggests I call the company who produce'd the second adapter I'm trying to install and see if they can fix the problem with their product (and he did sound just ever so slightly smug about it, too).

So, I call NetGear. I have to register the product I'm asking about so answer about a gazillion questions about myself, my whereabouts and what colour my undies are. Finally, the technician tells me that because Telstra provided me with the modem and the adapter, I actually have to ask them to sort this problem out. Gee, thanks...

So, I suck up a lung full of air and call Telstra for the third time. Explain my situation for the fifth time, and we come to a stale-mate. The technician can't see how she can possibly help me because I can't connect my computer directly to my modem to test the viability of the modem (the whole reason I have WIRELESS is because I can't connect my computer to the modem because Telstra couldn't put a line in our study, argh!). I suggest - through clenched teeth - that perhaps if they send someone out to us THAT person could check the modem with their laptop???

Oh, okay, yeah, sure, they can do that, so long as I understand that I will have to pay for the visit if the visiting technician concludes the problem was at my end and not Telstra's (hmmm, their modem, their adapter, I was willing to take my chances).

By now it was 7.30pm, I'd been chasing a solution for this problem since 2.30pm. I'd called three different companies, including three calls to Telstra, all while also taking my child to the hospital with a suspected fractured wrist.

But the tale doesn't end there...

Between 7.30 and 9pm, Buddha woke multiple times, crying about his pained arm. Eventually, he was begging to go back to the hospital, and saying he'd said his arm was fine before because he was scared of going to hospital, but now he wanted the doctors to fix his arm because it hurt so much.

Another cab was called. We were triaged by about 9.30pm. Then we waited. At about 11.30pm Buddha was seen (earlier than they told us, yay!). The young doctor there said he didn't think it was broken, but it was VERY uncommon for children Buddha's age (almost 6) to get sprains or strains, so he wanted to x-ray it all the same. Finally an x-ray was done. They did three but weren't happy with them because Buddha's bones weren't aligned the way they expected them to be (they thought he was probably tilting his arm ever so slightly but the x-ray was magnifying the effect).

We waited a while longer and then the doctor came to see us and say - while grimacing madly - that he didn't think there was a fracture. He could see a shadowy line, but again, in children Buddha's age, that could be the growth plate at the end of his bone. He said he'd get a second opinion today and call back if they thought the shadowy line was actually a fracture (no call so far, so thinking it wasn't).

We got home just after 1am.

Today the Telstra technician turned up. Opened a couple of windows, typed in my keypass and the adapter started working beautifully.

I asked him if I couldn't have been asked to do this over the phone myself yesterday - he scratched his head and said I should have been asked just that, he couldn't imagine why I wasn't and then he left...

What a weird day yesterday was!


√Ěr said...

Damned Cylons!

Most electronic gizmos are scary as far as I am concerned - I am sure they are cognizant and out for our blood and sanity! My laptop is working perfectly well now, as you can see...Grrrrrr...

Sorry you had a bad day! Tomorrow is a new and hopefully better one!

Love you!

Sif Dal said...

And people wonder why I'm a believer in conspiracy theories...

The boy is fine, the computer is fine, I am fine, Dave may need a nap...

Good Job!