Monday, July 18, 2011

12 years of babies...

I think I'm safe to say that Ari is now fully weaned.

This means that period of my life where I was a nursing mother is over. Finally. Finally, as in it will never happen again, not as in thank goodness it's over. Well, honestly, maybe there is a little thank goodness it's over in there as well - twelve years is a long time in anyone's book, and if we start talking consecutive years of breast feeding, I actually breastfed for 16 years - so you can chuck in another 3.25 years of tandem feeding in there...

And now it is done.

Imagine that, no more maternity bras... Am I sad? No!

That is not the only thing coming to an end though. Ari is more and more determined to "hand" when we go down the street. "Hand" means to hold someone's hand and walk. Every day he asks to go one the buses and every day he stipulates, "hand". I'm still able to cox, bribe and cajole him into the pram, but I know my pramming days are numbered. This is sad to me only because I do so love my workhorse pram. It is incredibly hard working and I can get so much done when he-who-shall-be-heard acquiesces to go in it. Oh the shopping I've lugged home with that pram! The extra seat I haven't had to hunt around for in the food court. The storer of coats which seemed like a good idea when we left the house, but turned out to be too warm only 15 minutes later. When we finally say goodbye to the pram, I'll be the sad one! (meanwhile, anyone want a Bugaboo Bee Original, I'll sell it for any reasonable offer!).

Then today I did it, I finally ordered the second bunk. Many years ago, the Grumpy Old Man's parents bought us a lovely Bunkers convert-a-cot for Erik (they were sick of seeing him sleeping in a travel cot).

Image: source

Later it became a toddler bed for Erik, then a single bed for him (Luey was our first co-sleeping baby). When Luey was getting ready to move out we bought loft bed and converted the single into bunks with a toddler set up below and a regular single up top. Then when Luey outgrew the toddler bed set up we took the drawers out and made the bunk into a regular bunk. When Bryn became old enough for a bed, we set up the toddler down/single up bunk again, and got the makings of another single for Erik. Then Bryn grew had regular bunks again - plus Erik's single.

Now Ari is getting to that age where we think he'd love to be sleeping in with the boys. So, I've ordered another loft bed, and with Erik's single, that will make a new bunk set up. So, in one room we'll have Bryn and Ari in bunks (Ari will have the toddler bed at the bottom of the bunk and Bryn will be upstairs for the first time ever! In the other room there will be Erik and Luey in the other set of bunks (most nights Luey ends up in Erik's room anyway so they won't mind sharing again).

Loft Bed Image: source

The most exciting bit is that in our room - mine and the Grumpy Old Man's, there'll be me and the Grumpy Old Man!!! That'll be a bit weird I think, at first anyway, but oh the possibilities; I'll be able to read in bed! 

So, I guess our baby years are coming to an end. Not all at once, but in the next 12 months certainly! It feels strange, but good strange - like finally, I'm ready. Only took me 12 years!

The new bunk arrives Wednesday week - I'll do the usual before and after shots of the set-ups, so stay tuned for those. I'm not telling the boys - they have a way of finding a problem if they have too much time to think about it - so it'll be a surprise for them when they come home on the 27th!



Jayne said...

I think I felt the same, but in a different way, when I had my hysterectomy lol.
Nah, seriously, it's a little sad to close the door on that stage of our lives but there's a whole range of experiences awaiting us in our new stage :)

Sif Dal said...

Yes, I'm always chasing new stages, hahaha! I like new beginnings!

Good Job!