Saturday, July 23, 2011

Big week - exhausting...

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First of all, my apologies for being out of touch for a while. It's been a huge week. Early this week I received the devastating news that an online acquaintance's baby had been born still, at term. I can't even begin to describe how awful this is. To say this baby was much longed for and anticipated doesn't do justice to the cruelty of this outcome (most babies are longed for and anticipated, but this family had been on a longer than usual journey with secondary infertility). It has fogged up my brain too much to be able to write anything. It is just too unfair and sad and horrible that this should happen to anyone ever.

Today's news is filled with the tragedy that has been the bombing in Oslo and the mass shooting of young people at a Labor Youth Camp north-west of Oslo. We have old friends whose children frequent this camp annually, and so we wait to hear if they attended this year and were among the 80 young people who were killed by the gunman.

In contrast with this, my tax payments came through, and I was finally able to purchase some much wanted and needed technology which which help me meet my goals of starting (and then completing) my PhD.

I also won two prizes in two different competitions, and had a customer service representative watch out for my financial interests and arrange a refund for me when they discovered I'd opted for free postage instead of a percentage discount when the percentage discount was a worth more.

With all this excitement and sadness, I've been on an emotional roller-coaster this week which has left me feeling physically ill and suffering from the worst insomnia I've experienced since last November.

So, I'm hoping things will settle down through the coming week promises to be just as up and down as this one.

This blog post is a bit blah, and all over the place and hasn't really done any of the events of this week any justice... It's just a bit of a brain dump in the hopes of being able to sound a bit more coherent next time. Thanks for listening.

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