Monday, July 11, 2011

I need a reading intervention - HELP!

Okay, let's say I haven't read a book in ten years... Yeah, yeah, don't everyone fall of your chair at once (I have read a few books in the past ten years, but I can pretty much guarantee they weren't on the best sellers list, or even in the "aspiring to be a best seller" list, or even novels for that matter)...

Where do I start?

What's good?

What's hot?

What's cool?

What has rocked your world lately???

I need suggestions, STAT!

I don't read horror or sci-fi (I read about 500 sci-fi books in the 80s, and kind of overdosed on them)...

Where, in the great wide word of all things bookish, do I start?

Please help - in fact, feel free to send all your mates over to help, too - I'm really desperate and at sea, and totally pathetic, you'll be doing your humanitarian deed for the month!


Leah said...

Love how you don't count twilight as books - neither do i!!

Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett is a good one, shot to fame by Oprah. It's not a very gripping blurb but it's very engaging.

I will say, perusing the Oprah lists is really not a bad place to start. She mostly picks winners. I kind of ignored her book shows until she picked up She's come undone, a book and author I love. They are usually readily available to borrow, buy second hand or at Kmart etc because of her recs as well.

A Map of the World, White Oleander, Poisonwood bible, all great books.

Sif Dal said...

Thanks for the tip, Leah, and LOL at the Twilight series - had totally forgotten I read that! Obviously made a huge impression...

Mer said...

Jasper Jones, When God Was a Rabbit, Past the Shallows, The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore.

Sugar Pop Cafe said...

The Element by Ken Robinson. Hope you find something you enjoy!

Good Job!