Friday, July 08, 2011

Things I know - the July edition

Joining in Things I know, at Yay for Home.

  • The biggest boys may have just turned 10 and 12, but I still think it sounds weird to have them refer to me as "my mum" when talking about me to other people!
  • Waiting for tax money to return in July makes this month creep along at a snails pace.
  • The combination of rain, no car, and school holidays make July creep along at a snail's pace, with the snail hauling a lead brick.
  • My life will be rainbows and lollipops just as soon as that money hits my account and our household is transformed into an alter to the twin gods, "Apple" and "Macintosh".
  • Or maybe not, but it'll be COOL!
  • Dave will have a job next month!!! Yes, he will! After almost 2.5 years of unemployment, he'll be bringing in a pay packet that will see the end of begging MIL for handouts!!!
  • Dave will have a licence next month!!!
  • While life hasn't been a tip-toe through the tulips so far this year, nothing horrible has happened either - that officially makes this year 100% improved on the past two years! I am grateful for having learned to appreciate the stability of nothing exciting happening, good or bad!
  • My kids need a new vocabulary, one that doesn't rely so heavily on the phrases, "Mum, when can we..." and "Mum, make him STOP!"
  • Despite it being the holidays and us all being shut in and stepping all over each others very last nerve, I have a great family, the best family, in fact! Don't we all!


Kate said...

Yay for family :)

And oh must get onto tax stuff ASAP! Must!

Marita said...

Oh yes tax money, that would be nice :D

nellbe said...

I just love tax time. Well done to Dave on getting work. What a relief!

Kellie said...

I hang out for tax time. Love it! HOping for a speedy month for you! :)

shae said...

I've spent about $10000 in my head on a mythical tax return lol

Mother Duck said...

Tax time, thanks for the remidner....I so need to get onto that (or hubby does lol)

Sif said...

Thanks for the comments guys - I KNOW I love comments!

Tax time is my second favourite time of the year (after Christmas, I LOVE Christmas)!