Sunday, July 03, 2011

My Voice, my brand...

One of my commentators was glad to hear me writing in my own voice last week.

This comment has been playing on my mind because I'm not sure what that voice is.

I caught the end of a Twitter conversation about blog branding where someone quoted a bloggers brand as being what other people say about you when you're not in the room.

This made me laugh because I have no idea what other bloggers might say about me when I'm not in the room - or even if other bloggers care to say anything about me at all, I'm not really well known in blogging circles as I tend to dip in and out a lot, though I admire many blogs from afar.

One of my friends who blogs is in the process of changing her entire blog (name, url, blog service provider) so that her blog will reflect her better. She is even considering having more than one blog.

I couldn't handle more than one blog - I've tried; at one point I had five blogs, including two secret blogs, this blog, a fitness blog, and an anonymous blog... It was all too hard.

I've considered making this blog mostly about writing.

I've considered making this blog mostly social commentary (not comedic, mind you, I'm just not that clever).

I've considered making it a straight out mummy-blog about raising children and my understanding of child development.

I've even considered making it a blog about living with disability and disorders and conditions (seeing as I have plenty of those to share insights about!).

The thing is, I would get bored.

I don't have one voice.

Sometimes I'm all gloom and doom and the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

Sometimes I'm all "Always look on the bright side of life, de-dah, duh-dum, duh-dum, de-dah!".

Sometimes I find myself in teach and preach mode (which was where I was when writing the blog my friend commented on being in my voice).

Sometimes I'm in Loki-mode, being a mischief maker set on bewildering people and causing them to question their understanding of reality.

Image by Sara Harvey
I guess all these "voices" are why I call this blog "At the Bottom of the Garden"... You just don't know what you might find there; something pretty, something rotten, something magical, something forgotten...

The main thing to know about is my voice, at any given moment, is my authentic voice in that moment. It may change in the next moment, it may even contradict itself - my thoughts are a rollercoaster ride, you just have to hang on and go with them... My voice is always authentic whatever it sounds like at the time. I consider myself to be on a journey of learning, I try to be earnest about that journey and so what I write is a true reflection of how I feel and who I am in the moment of writing.

As for what people might say about me (my blog) when I'm not in the room - I guess that'll depend on which posts they've read and how they have heard my voice... I am the The Doctor of the blog world, my voice takes many forms - it is ever regenerating, it cannot be contained - and I'm okay with that.


Gemma @ My Big Nutshell said...

I love this post "I don't have one voice" and " so what I write is a true reflection of how I feel and who I am in the moment of writing".

I personally like reading and writing 'in the moment' posts. I think it captures so much more than ones that are considered over longer periods of time. The true emotion is what I feel connects people.

I like your style, that is what is so interesting and why I like your blog.


Sif Dal said...

Thanks Gemma :). Sometimes I really admire other bloggers who have a very strong and uniform voice and I think it would be lovely to be like that - consistent. But I guess I'm consistent in my inconsistency :D...

Good Job!