Thursday, July 07, 2011

You know what I was saying about contradicting myself...

Here I go again!

I had said in a previous post that I can't manage multiple blogs at once; I'd tried in the past and it was all too hard. Yes, well, never let it be said I wasn't the definition of an optimistic - someone who does the same thing over and over again, hoping for a different outcome - no, wait, that was Einstein's definition of a fool....

It all started when my friend, Jayne, decided to give her blog a face-lift, she decided to rename it "Non Domestik Goddess" - which is a great name, don't you think? So, she launched it on Facebook, and another friend made a comment about "untamed" being another good adjective for her. I immediately though "The Untamed Goddess" and fell in love! Suddenly, I just had to use that as a blog name.

Problem was, I love this blog's name, it's so very me! I love that my blog name answers my URL address ("where the fairies live"). I can't change this blog's name. So, that only left one solution - I had to start another blog.

Unfortunately, someone else already has a blogger blog named The Untamed Goddess. I tried the name The Untamed Voice, but decided against using it (it's just sitting there on my dashboard waiting for a reason to be at the moment) because a friend is going to be using a similar name soon - so, I'll wait and see how that pans out before deciding what to do with The Untamed Voice.

Instead, I decided to use The Untamable Goddess - do you like it? Suits me quite well, as I'm fairly unruly, and quite untamable - even when I try to tame myself. Also, just as an aside, my name - Sif - is the name of a Norse goddess.

So, that only leaves the question of what The Untamable Goddess will be about.

Writing (Of course, you'd guessed already, hadn't you?)

The Untamable Goddess will be a blog about all things writing. All my writing thoughts, experiences and works will now be published over there. I have put a nice big button over on your right so you can check it out easily, and I will continue to link my writing blog posts to my Facebook page as before. This way, however, if I want to show people my writing, I won't have to worry about them wading through the "how cute is my toddler's jammy grin" posts, or the social angst posts (which, let's face it, do nothing for building people's confidence in my sanity).

At the moment, the blog is like Mother Hubbard's Cupboard, but soon there'll be plenty to read over there, and I want you to view the new blog as a kind of "Secret Garden" at the bottom of the garden that is this blog.

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