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10 Things I love about my iPad2!

Welcome to '10 Things Tuesday'!

I love lists. A good list can make my day and when I mentioned a need to write some lists yesterday on Facebook, I found a few friends were also list-o-philes! So, I thought I'd start a regular list post here to indulge my love of lists! Who knows, maybe one of them will be useful to you, too!

I've decided that every Tuesday I'm going to write a list of 10 things. Each week the theme will be different, and this week it is 10 things I love about my iPad2. Feel free to join me and make your own lists and link them here in comments (if people get into this, I'll make a linky of it, otherwise I'll just keep doing it for myself and my readers to enjoy)...

I need to send out a special thanks to Sharnee at Mannerfesto for helping me out because now that I have an iMac I no longer have Photoshop and was struggling to find somewhere to make a badge for this blog post! Sharnee directed me to Pixlr which works well if you're used to a Photoshop layout! Thanks Sharnee!

Anyway, the list...

10 Things I love about my iPad2!
  1. I can take notes (both typed and handwritten), mindmap, use Facebook and Twitter and Blogger and email - all from the comfort and convenience of, well, ANYWHERE! This is invaluable to me as a writer, but also as someone with low vision who get terrible neckstrain from leaning into the computer screen for hours at a time
  2. I can film my kids at play, or a friend's child in hospital, edit the footage, at music and then upload it or email it on the spot and it only take a few minutes!
  3. I can watch iView on the toilet - if I want to, not that I have, sorry for the visual! I can think of a few men, in particular, who would love to be do this - you know, to watch the news...
  4. I can write, and have written - just today, in fact,  a schedule and send it to my printer from wherever I'm sitting in the house (haven't tried it from outside the house - don't know if wifi connections work like that, I'm kind of technologically clueless)! This could have so many uses - especially if it can be done remotely (as in away from home).
  5. Now that I've mentioned being technologically clueless - The iPad2 was truly 'plug and play', and truly intuitive. Before the iPad2 I had never produced a home movie - but in 10 minutes I figured it out, no probes!
  6. It's an art centre for my toddler - without the mess and completely portable in my handbag! (I also give him plenty of opportunity for messy play, I'm no neat freak or techno-fool, so don't worry that my child is developing square eyes!)
  7. Having the iPad2 means being able to be where my family needs me, and not expecting them to be where my work is - I know a laptop can mean the same thing, but I've found the untethered battery of iPad gives me all day freedom of movement (not just 4 hours or so) and the iPad doesn't need to be balanced on my knee!
  8. I can read books and magazines at a font size that suits me (as a vision impaired person) and I can even invert the colours and read everything in white on black if that suits me better.
  9. I have the net and all its resources at my fingertips at all times, bus timetable, maps, menus for restaurants, photos of things I'm trying to describe to people, my dropbox stored photos and documents (I can show people my thesis at any time, without having to lug the .8kg volume around with me everywhere - you have been warned!), it all fits into my handbag (like Hermione's bag in the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1)!
  10. My ludite husband picked it up and played with it this morning - yes, that is how powerful the iPad2 really is! This guy has a seriously bad attitude to anything Mac, but he just couldn't help himself!
Here's a movie I made on the iPad2 recently (I'm no Scorsese!):


sharnee said…
Aww thanks for the mention! Glad to have helped!
I'm totally jealous of your iPad2! How cool is it?! Can't believe you cam do so many cool things with it!

I carry my iPhone everywhere - it's so piddly compared to an iPad! Hahah.
Sif said…
Yes, my iPhone was my gateway device, LOL, now I'm hook and using only iDevices... Thanks for stopping by!
Sarah said…
i love lists also :)... they have a multitude of uses. :D
Sif said…
They sure do, Sarah - feel free to share any lists you generate yourself!

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