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10 Things Tuesday - 10 ways to procrastinate productively!

10 ways to procrastinate productively...

- read this list!

- watch a movie you love; what you're actually doing is 'vetting contents for my children for future reference/preparing myself to give an interesting response to the question 'What did you think of [insert title of movie here]?'

- go window shopping (this can be done in person or online); also known as 'research for that mad Christmas rush' - January is NOT too early!

- put on you favourite music and dance like mad; now you're taking care of your health!

- browse the fridge for leftovers; this is called 'clearing out the fridge'

- play bejewlled/angry birds/words with friends; now you're exercising your strategic thinking muscles, hand-eye coordination and neurological response times.

- get on Twitter and Facebook; social networking is a legimate career enhancement strategy, and if you have children you're also being a good parent by staying abreast of technolgy and finding the dangers your children need to avoid!

- go sit in the sun; vitamin D is essential and there are plenty of studies showing an increased deficiency in adults (particularly women) in recent years... Also, you're verifying the efficacy of your sunscreen. Take a book and you'll be improving your mind at the same time!

- give yourself a manicure; not only does this come under important personal grooming - a good first impression might get you a promotion, or get you tot into that fancy preschool, but it's also a cost-saving and preventative measure as you'll be far less liking to snag you stockings on a rough nail edge!

- go get a real coffee at a cafe, not only will you be lowering personal stress and saving on future medical bills but you'll also be playing your part in stimulating the ecomony and keeping a struggling artist in paid work!

*If you've already done any or all of these and still need to procrastinate, then 'brainstorming' other productive procrastination activites for a blog post is really something you NEED to start doing, so get to it!

I'm linking up with Diary of a SAHM for I Blog On Tuesday


Jess Newman said…
Ha I loved this! What great ideas!

And thanks for linking up
Haha! YES! I agree with all of those!!!! We do a lot of the dancing around here!
Ok. I got sidetracked with your post on "Remembering Ari" but I'm here now. I am so a procrastinator. Something I suppose I should not be proud of! I love your take on the important issues. My biggest procrastination activity - organising and re-organising my to-do list both on paper then on the computer then trying to consolidate them only to realise I have to start all over again because I've procrastinated too many things and new items have come up!
Peter Prevos said…
Procastinating productively is a great expression. It seems to be a contradiction in terms, but it is not.

Everybody seems to be so busy. Some call being busy a cult. One of my favourite slogans is: "make Time Poverty History.
Sif said…
LOL earlier today I wondered if perhaps people didn't want to admit they read this post - you know, in case they were acused of procrastinating, ha!

Thanks everyone for your comments!

Daisy - I need to dance MORE! Dancing gets oxygen to the brain, helps a person think better!

Veronica - list love is what got me started on this link up. Writing the lists themselves feel productive, because it is! It's much better to spend time writing and prioritising a list than running around like a hairy goat without direction.

Peter - busy-ness; a cult! I like that idea. I'll check out that link!
haha I love this list! Not that I really need more reasons to procrastinate ;-)
Lee said…
I tell myself that I procrastinate because I have such high standards! Works for me!
Sif said…
Kate, there are never enough reasons to procrastinate!

Lee, I'm going to have to adopt that reasoning! Love it!
That is gold. I think i might just print it off. Love it. x

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