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10 ways to be like The Doctor...

If you're wondering who The Doctor is, then we've obviously never met before...

The Doctor is my family's current obsession. Some families bond over their religion. Some families bond over footy. We bond over a fascination with all things Gallifreyan, most particularly new series Gallifreyan. The phrases 'Timey-wimey, spacey-wacey' and 'Spoilers!' are a code even our 2.75 year old understands. While other children are seeing Horcruxes everywhere and dueling with wands, our boys engage in games of 'sonic screwdrivers at ten paces'.

We love nutting out the myriad of possibilities in the plot; who is dreaming; who is the girl in the spacesuit; under what circumstances did The Doctor tell River his name? We have theories, all sorts of theories, even the 6 year old has his own theories...

So, here's a list of ten ways to be like The Doctor:

  1. Dress sharply and believe in your style - bow ties, Fez' and Stetsons are all cool because The Doctor believes they are cool, he says they are cool, even in the face of other people's doubt. 'Bow ties are cool!' - remeber that.
  2. Talk quickly, in non-sequators, and contradict yourself often. The truth is always the truth when you say it, but time is a funny thing, and the truth can change, change with it, but always be true!
  3. Be curious. Have an open mind for all things, be open to all new experiences, greet new experiences with excitement and great anticipation of adventure!
  4. View every obstacle as utterly surmountable - every problem as solvable - don't forget to look at it laterally!
  5. Run! Don't run away, run toward! Run toward the light, toward the solution, toward freedom, toward love. Run, and don't look back!
  6. Solve you problems peacefully, and with humour. If you have to lose your cool, do it righteously in the protection of those who cannot protect themselves, but don't injure those you are angry at.
  7. Invite people into your life, you don't have to invite everyone, but allow yourself to have a few close friends and be a loyal friend to them as well.
  8. Let every person you speak to feel that you notice them and care about them as an individual, whether they are your child, your partner or a person you've never met before, allow them to feel important and seen when you talk to them.
  9. Be willing to learn from your mistakes and to readily admit when you got it wrong.
  10. Love your gadgets and call them pet names, you just never know when they might come to life and try to snog you!
We all have a lot to learn from The Doctor, wouldn't you say?!


Jayne said…
Heavy-duty Whovians here, it's the Flesh Doc in the spacesuit and the girl is River Song/Melody Pond....maybe.
With Doctor Who the possibilities are endless!
Sif said…
LOL, see I think it's the flesh Doctor who gets shot - to put Kovarian and everyone else off the scent (so they think he's dead)... So great to see other heavy duty Whovians though! I have a big theory post coming up in the lead up to series 7B starting in a couple of weeks!
Amy said…
Ok, this goes way over my head. I will admit to never watching Doctor Who... or any of it's offspring.
Sad, I know.

Love your list! Can certainly learn a lot from it!
Jayne said…
Goes over my head too Amy-I've tried to watch but I don't get it-I think I'll have to sit down and have a series marathon once uni is over for the year to try work it all out!
Great list, will do mine tomorrow-too busy studying for a test tonight :/
Sarah said…
HAHA- I've never watched it either but have been thinking about doing so lately.
my 6 year old son loves anything exciting and sci-fi (ish) and so i am always on the lookout for suitable shows to watch together...

Given you have kids in the same age bracket I take it it's suitable?

Next question if we were to start atching... where should we start?
Sif said…
LOL, I'm beginning to see a lot of people don't watch Doctor Who (seriously??? LOL, just joking!). I guess you don't need to watch it to still get something about living life from these points though, right?

You probably do have to watch a number of episodes to understand what is going on because it's totally written for fans and there is a lot going on!

Sarah, I'm fairly strict about what the kids can watch - i don't allow M rated (just starting now for the 12 year old), they haven't seen most of the Harry Potter movies - however, only you can know what your son is okay to watch, some episodes do have monsters/aliens. The Grumpy Old Man and I do vett episodes before the kids get to watch them so we know when Bryn needs to watch something during the morning so he can talk about through the day before going to bed, for example - that works well for us.

Season 7 - which we're waiting for the second half of now, is a good place to start because ot does have a start - that said, also try to watch the episodes called Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead from season six because even though that is a different incarnation of The Doctor with a different travel companion, those episodes introduce Professor River Pond who is an integral character in the 7th season (confusing much?)... Enjoy!

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