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10 Things Tuesday: 10 Confessions...

Bless me readers for I have sinned, it has been... a bloody long time since my last confession...
  1. My boys are sitting in the lounge room playing Angry Birds on their iPod Touches and talking and helping each other out and not arguing and not chasing about the house and I love it. I also loved it when they disappeared into their rooms for two hours yesterday afternoon and there was no squabbling over toys, seats on the lounge, television channels, or who's turn it was to set the table. I get why other parents love their kids devices.
  2. When I found out yesterday afternoon that my twelve year old had not had his iPod for "just that morning" a few weeks ago, but had, in fact, had it for four consecutive days and had taken it to school. When I found this out because I downloaded a video of him and his friends at school. I laughed - out loud. And a tiny piece of me enjoyed that he'd tripped himself up with video evidence...
  3. I have a great capacity for ignoring a filthy kitchen and my toddler glued to my iPad for hours on end, and justifying sitting at the computer tweeting and blogging as my "day job". Yes, I do. I don't even believe myself, but I do it anyway.
  4. I keep talking about applying to do a PhD, but besides twenty minutes of Googling Icelandic literary history and one afternoon of wandering around Deakin campus, I haven't done anything about it and September is ticking on.
  5. I am embarrassed by the Grumpy Old Man's change in career. Yes, it's true. I would much prefer to tell people he's a Grapho than tell them he's an Aged Care Worker. Even though being one of those amazing people who are willing and even enjoy tending to the needs of the aged and infirm is a most worthy and admirable career - I know there is more prestige in Graphic Design and I was always just a little bit proud of being married to a Grapho. I secretly wish he would make an effort to look for Grapho work. I should burn forever in a 1950s hell.
  6. I have no motivation to make this crappy old rental into a beautiful home. I feel like a painter who has been asked to paint a masterpiece on used toilet paper. I'm shallow like that, too.
  7. I had a panic attack the other night when I heard that the two properties next to Mother-in-law's house are on the market to be sold as one lot. MIL thinks it's great because it will mean pipes being laid to within metres of her property and her finally being able to get rid of the septic tank without having to spend 40K! All I can think is, no one is going to want to buy in the shadow of a three story apartment building or buy next to a building site and so her house value is bound to drop. If she sells now, she'll probably only be able to afford a decent unit with savings left over to live off, but that means not getting out of the rental market for us. Yes, that's right, I want to piggy-back of my MIL selling her property and with a three storey building being optioned next door, I can see that plan going down the gurgler, and I care!
  8. If I won the lotto, I would buy a house, and furnish it and go on a holiday and get a big car - all before even thinking about donating anything to charity. This is true. This pretty much guarantees I'll never win the lotto.
  9. I can't stand Australian television. I don't get the love for all those Aussie shows; Packed to the Rafters, Winners and Losers, Underbelly... I'd rather have bamboo shoved under my fingernails than watch Australian content...
  10. I wrote this list because I'm feeling very uninspired about my 10 Things Tuesday list and I'm in two minds about ditching it altogether, but I find it very hard to let go - which is probably also why I have a tendency to stalk every person who has ever been a friend or more. Even if I was the reason for the end of the relationship - I mostly just feel misunderstood and abandoned. I can't let go. I hate this compulsion to hold on to people and ideas, it feels weak, but there you have it!
I'm linking this post up with Diary of a SAHM for 'I blog on Tuesdays'


Angelica Minx said…
I had laugh out loud moments reading this post. Keep it allowed me to reconcile my own hell-worthy style of parenting. xx
Jayne said…
Hahaha! I LOVE this! I'm so doing one of these later. Please don't ditch Ten Things Tuesday *begs pathetically*
This is a great post! But I do have to reprimand you for your comments about your husband! My uncle lived in a home when his dementia got really severe. The couple of times I visited him, I wondered how on earth people could do that work. So your husband has my utmost respect and gratitude. Without people like him, who would look after us when we are unable to look after ourselves!?!?
Too bad Tuesday doesn't start with C. Cuesday Confessional would be a hit!! Maybe you could still do Confessions Tuesday...I have a really hard time coming up with 10 things for ANY topic!
Sif said…
Thanks for the comments guys, I LOVE comments (that's another confession).

Aroha, LOL, oh I admire him too - I could never do his job, and certainly not for the pittance they call an award in that sector. I'm referring more to the fact that this career choice is completely undervalued in our society, so if someone asks me 'What does you husband do?' and I reply 'He's a graphic designer' or 'He's an aged care worker' I already know the reaction will either be 'Oh wow!' or just 'Oh...' (code for, 'Right, so he couldn't get a real job') it's a bit like saying you're a stay at home parent, people get that 'Hmmm, I wonder where I can find some growing grass to watch?' look on their face. I guess I'm just shallow...
I've only just discovered your "blog hop". It looks like fun, Keep it going, i want to play along. hehe

Looking forward to playing along with you next week.
Sannah said…
Wow! Brutally honest! So much of what you have said is how so many feel, but not game to say it. My boys are playing the Wii at the moment, and the two year old has a wii remote that isn't working so she can play too, and I am loving every second of it, while I can have a cup of tea and read some blogs.
I love your comment 'I feel like a painter who has been asked to paint a masterpiece on used toilet paper.'. I feel like that too with rentals, and we have had a LOT! I try to make it feel like home, but when you aren't allowed to paint, or put holes in to hang pictures, and why bother buying furniture that fits because how long will you be there for? it just seems too hard..
You are so brave! Good on you.

I admire your husband for his work. To be perfectly honest old people can make me uncomfortable, and I hate that about myself.

If you love your linky don't give it up. I love my linky too; it's like another child
Sif said…
Thanks for all the encouragement! LOL, maybe I should make it 10 Tuesday Confessions - at least for me, hahaha!

LOL, maybe I need to clarify that I'm not saying I'm embarrassed or ashamed of the Grumpy Old Man - I quite admire his commitment to caring for elderly citizens of the community. I'm embarrassed by his job's lack of prestige in the public eye and how our society has a tendency to not value jobs that don't seem glamourous or attract a high renumeration.

Oh, unless I misunderstood and people are horrified that I don't like Australian television content - that I don't feel any need to clear up, ha!
Julie said…
This is only the second 10 things Tuesday I have read, but I have loved both! Don't stop!

I agree about Australian television and I have nothing to compare it to - have never lived anywhere else. (Is that unpatriotic). For some unknown reason, I do like Aussie movies though.

Also - Icelandic literary history - that sounds fascinating. I would love to read about it if you do ever get to that Phd
Nee said…
Wow you really got some gear off your chest! I'm married to a tradie & people judge him as a boofhead all the time. Try referring to hubby as a healthcare worker. Same difference really.

Kids & technology is a given - they dish out ipads at primary schools now! As for the MIL - could u slip something in her tea? Probably better chances than winning lotto x
PS if I get time next week I'll play along with ur linky!
Love no 2, sooo busted!
Apply for your PhD - do it, do it, do it!
I would probably have to join you in 1950s hell, I would feel the same way I am sure, and I would most definitely be concerned about the impact of your MIL;s neighbours selling up and how this will effect your family.
I will protest about your lack of love for Rafter's though ;)
Jayne said…
I'm so with you on Rafters etc... Meh.

I must say, you've had a very eventful week, Sif! Please keep your 10 things. I may not link up (too lazy to come up with 10 things), but I do enjoy reading.
I really related to your #9 and #10. I can't see the attraction in Aussie shows. I have watched bits of Neighbours years ago but never gotten into anything that I can recall in recent years. Never watched one episode of Rafters nor Underbelly nor Rescue shows etc. I have been taken in by some of The Block and Masterchef and Who Do You Think You Are? Aussie edition but that's about it. I don't know why. Maybe not exotic enough for me??

And not letting things go or feeling compelled to certain things - I have that problem all the time. For example, I feel compelled to read all the bloggers in my Google Reader and in order from A to Z but I can never keep up and I daren't mark all as read. I have to get pushed to 'ridiculous' eg: 1000+ unread posts, before I bite the bullet. Maybe that's a bit OCD, eh?
With you on the renting!! With you on the Aussie shows!! A great list.

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