Tuesday, September 06, 2011

10 Things Tuesday: 10 Things I just can't hear often enough...

1. I caaaaan't

2. I'm just letting you know I did an inspection in your son's class this morning and he has lice.

3. Four boys?! You poor thing! I hope you're going to try for a girl!

4. We will be arriving betweem 4-6pm to do a property inspection and if you can't be there we can let ourselves in.

5. Come pick up your child, he fell/got hit by a flying car/ walked into a wall and I definitely think this is going to need stitches

6. Your card was declined.

7. I feel like I'm going to throw-.

8. Oh no! I forgot my lunchbox/crackerbox/jacket/hat/reader folder/footie/brain at school!

9. I think there's a virus on the computer...

10. We're going to need to do an episiotomy to get the forceps in.

What things can you never hear often enough?


Brenda said...

Lol! #7 especially gave me a laugh (in a fellow mother kinda way :D)

Crash Test Mummy said...

I've been thinking to do a Top 10 on a regular basis. I'll link up next week!

Sif Dal said...

Yay! I had a few last week - keep see people doing lists around the place and wanting to say to the, hey, link up with my blog, you might get some new readers!

Sif Dal said...

Brenda, #7 is my biggest fear, i really, really, really don't deal with vomit! It just had to be on the list!

Twitchy said...


The one I hate the most, coming from a small person's bedroom after bedtime:

9.15: Mummy!! [insert announcement/request]
9.30: Mummy!! [insert announcement/request]
9.42: Mummy!! [insert announcement/request]
10.02: Mummy!! [insert announcement/request]
10.41: Mummy!! [insert announcement/request]
11.03: Mummy!! [insert announcement/request]
3.35: Mummy!! [insert announcement/request]
7.30: (At my bedside) Mummy, I want my breakfast.

Sif Dal said...

Roflmao - oh dear, you're playing around-the-clock mummy there! It's really good when they're old enough that you can, "Well, get it yourself" I recently did this with my six year old (he was prone to calling out for us to do stuff like straighten his doona! We got each of our boys a drink bottle for bed after the tag-team "I want a drink of water"s last summer.

Good Job!