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Cherish Your Cherubs, week 3 - Interview.

I'm linking up with Seven Cherubs for the Cherish Your Cherub Project. This is week three, if you would like to read the post from weeks 1 and 2 you can find them here and here.

This week we were asked to interview our cherubs. I didn't get around to doing this until yesterday afternoon. That would be Sunday afternoon. Sunday afternoons are not a great time for interviews in this house. Our house is quite small and with all six of us here for an entire weekend we often always find that everyone is a bit tense by Sunday afternoon. If we were a perfect family, this would not be the case, but we're not a perfect family.

In the interest of transparency, I have chosen to write these interviews out verbatim. I thought it might be a nice little game for my readers to try and read between the lines and figure out what might have happened in the hour or so before the interviews took place...


The first interview is with Ari, and as he's not quite three, I didn't exactly interview him, so much as note observations and interpretations of what I might expect the answers to these questions to be from him.

Ari with Roary Bear


What do you love?

Family, hugs, foods that aren't vegetables, Doctor Who, his brothers' toys, playing outside.

What makes you happy?

Going to the park, going on public transport, being allowed to walk instead of riding in the pram, icecream, chasing games, having any implement that he can be call a tardis or sonic screwdriver.

What makes you feel sad?

Not being allowed into the boys' bedrooms when they're playing in there. People leaving the house without him (any people, not just family), being told off.

What makes you feel angry?

Being yelled at, other people yelling at each other, being restrained.

What makes you scared?

Being introduced to a new experience and wanting to do it but also being scared to do it, but being scared to miss out on doing it as well.

There are two additional questions which I have not presumed to answer for Ari, they are:

How do you think I am going as a parent?

Is there is anything you would like me to do better or more of?

Bryn with Tahnee the tiger


What do you love?

Lego ninjago, Star Wars the Clone Wars: the video game, Jacob (his grandparents dog).

What makes you happy?

Respect and art, playing with friends, buying stuff at the shops, when we have pasta bolognese for dinner.

What makes you feel sad?

Not having friends to play with, being sick, being told off.

What makes you feel angry?

I don't know... When somebody does something that I don't want them to do like chinese burns.

What makes you scared?

Dreaming, um Erik making scary faces and horror stories like Revenge of the Raging Dummy (a goosebumps book).

How do you think I am going as a parent?

I think you're a wonderful parent!

Is there is anything you would like me to do better or more of?

More of - I want you to help me to learn to write.

Luey with Sunny Bear


What do you love?

Reading, playing computer games and hanging out with my friends.

What makes you happy?

When I get my own way in an argument and when I complete something really hard.

What makes you feel sad?

Get bossed around, not being allowed to do things I'm usually allowed to do.

What makes you feel angry?

When I've just been hurt by another person

What makes you scared?


How do you think I am going as a parent?

I think you're doing well.

Is there is anything you would like me to do better or more of?

More of - give us more time on things like computer games time.

Erik with White Tigey


What do you love?

Books, music, friends, scary movies, lego, drawing, competition, succeeding, parties.

What makes you happy?

Going ice skating for the first time, lollies, interesting conversations with my friends, Doctor Who, having a choice, winning competitions.

What makes you feel sad?

Losing stuff, saying goodbye, being hurt, not knowing things like times tables or how to spell words, losing competitions, dreams, and my own jealousy.

What makes you feel angry?

Losing, being physically hurt, people swearing at me, people swearing at family members, not getting my way, when I can't figure stuff out, people being better than me at things, people I don't like not leaving me alone, people telling me things that I shouldn't do that doesn't affect anyone like going into out-of-bounds when I'm very, very careful. Being asked to do stuff with people like teachers that I've already done myself just so they can see me do it.

What makes you scared?

Dreams, music like heavy metal, situations like people being drunk because of what we've been learning about at school [that would be education about the dangers of drugs and alcohol in years 5/6]. Ads like road safety and anti-smoking, natural disasters, sometimes stuff I see in movies, mum and dad yelling at each other, people dying, being wrong.

How do you think I am going as a parent?

What do you mean? Oh. I think... you're going okay a lot of the time. You're okay when you're not yelling at us and that's really nice and when you're not being very nice to us it's sort of unpleasant to be around you because I get frustrated.

Is there is anything you would like me to do better or more of?

I want you to have your friends over more, especially Jayne because she's fun and really friendly and Luey, Bryn and I are friends with her kids. Encourage us to do things more like the dishes [yes, I was a bit WT? at this point, too].

So, there you go. I think on a different day the answers might have been different, but this was what it was and I think it shows that we're all human - with our foibles and imperfections - especially us parents.


It is just so interesting to hear what they have to say. I too wrote CrashGirl's answers verbatim. I have a feeling that Ari is going to be one of those people who hate dropping people off at the airport (like me)! He's always going to want to go too! Thanks for sharing.
Jayne said…
What awesome answers. I'm late to the party on this one but I'll interview my girls after school.
Great interviews - we gain insights as a parent doing them.I am going to interview my boys in a while.
Melanie said…
Good answers. The older kids sound so intelligent and eloquent. Very well done. xx
Nic said…
Wow, I loved reading this. Going to interview my kids later too.
Kellie said…
I struggled interviewing one at late notice on Sunday, so I'm super impressed with your efforts!
Love the differences between the littlies and the bigger kids! Fabulous! :)
The ol' Chinese burns is bringing back memories too.
Sif said…
Laney - We think Ari might be our child who takes a gap year to travel in Europe! He's just that sort of kid, adventurous, but prefers to be the one leaving that being left behind.

Jayne - Looking forward to reading your girls' interviews!

Trish - Looking forward to reading your boys' interviews as well!

Melanie - Thank you! I think my eldest (Erik) went to town, especially one the things that make him sad and angry and afraid, saw his opportunity and went for it!

Nic - Yay! looking forward to reading your kids interviews!

Kellie - Yep, I hear you! Chinese burns have been causing a bit of, er, friction around here of late!
Jayne said…
Awww I LOVE Erik's answer!! ;)

Very cool, I'm defo doing this one tonight!
Sif said…
Jayne - Can't wait to see what your kids say!
Anonymous said…
Hope you have printed out the bit about encouraging the doing of dishes and posted it on the fridge! x
Sif said…
Oh, I really should - but I bet he'd tell me he never signed it so I can't hold him to it (he's a loop-savant!).
Norlin said…
LOL! Loved how Erik would love for you to let him do the dishes! Well, seeing that he's offered...;)
Sif said…
The thing is, Erik and Luey do the dishes every night, have done all year! I tgink he just wanted to say something and couldn't think of anything, so that came out, ha!
nellbe said…
Oh great post, love reading the boys answers and my 2 year old understands Ari's desire to always walk instead of being strapped in the pram. I love that all your boys think you are doing a great job.
themodernparent said…
Great interviews! Love their honesty...and intelligence!
They gave great answers, I love how honest and direct they all were. I think my kids were trying to say the "right" answers to a degree
Anonymous said…
awww bless, what sweet kids you have. clearly you'd just been telling them off, and none of liked it! haha! interesting that a couple of them mentioned that "dreams" scare them :-( that's sad. Will have to keep this for a couple years time for N. He'd have no clue what I'm saying I don't think! Lol
Sif said…
nellbe - yep, I think Ari is just about done with his pram (sadly I'm still attached to it because after nine other prams I finally found THE ONE that was perfect for my life, and I've only been using it for 2 years, wah!

Martine - aw thanks!

Kate - I think Bryn (who I interviewed second) tried to give me the right answers, because after he hear the other's talking, he kept coming back to "edit" his responses...

Coloursofsunset - yes, my boys all have very vivid dreams, I've always been that way myself so we do talk about dreams a fair bit - I think we must all be visual thinkers or something...
Cat said…
It's so interesting to see what is consistent and different between your lovely children and across the whole blog hop too. Your children sound truly delightful! xxx

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