Sunday, September 04, 2011

My first ever guest blog!

My very first time guest blogging for someone else almost slipped by unnoticed today! I'm such a scatterbrain I totally didn't realise today was the fourth of September and therefore the date my post would go up over at Mahlimoo, Me and Three! Please go check it out - it's about creating traditions for your family. Maybe you have newly created Father's Day traditions you'd like to share? If you haven't visited Mahlimoo's blog before, have a browse around, it's simply lovely!


Actually Amy said...

You're not the scatterbrain Sif, I am! I think I told you that I was posting it on Monday the 4th and it's actually the 5th tomorrow! Oops

Sif Dal said...

LOL well I had the fourth in my head, so had I realised today was the fourth, I probably would have checked earlier! It's all good, and it was my pleasure to guest post today!

Good Job!