Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday: My Son's Sun

Linking up with Tattoomummy for Tattoo Tuesday

What: A stylised sun

Where: On my left upper arm

Who: My brother

Why: This tattoo is for my second son. I had originally wanted a star, but couldn't find one I liked even after extensive searches for several months. This sun is closest to what I was looking for, and so, I've justified it in my mind as 'suns are stars, too...' I wanted a star for Lukas for several reasons...

When I was pregnant with Lukas I kept seeing (in my mind's eye) a child whose hair formed a bright halo around their head. I wanted a name for this child that reflect that brightness but nothing I came across seemed to fit. We eventually named him Lukas by process of elimination from a list of names that would work in Icelandic and that the Grumpy Old Man could live with - later I discovered that Lukas means 'Bringer of Light'. When he was born, his hair was the colour of spun gold - he is our only redhead. *cue Twilight Zone music*

Lukas was our first child to cosleep from the start. As he grew he decided he was most comfortable sleeping on his back or stomach with his arms and legs outstretched starfish style. We called him our little starfish (and we slept clinging to the edges of our bed while he took up a good metre in the middle with his starfish antics)...

As well as this, Lukas is a born performer. he loves to be in the limelight. Loves dancing and performing as part of a group (not so much on his own, though).

So, in many ways he's our little star - and our son - and a sun is a star...

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