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10 Things Tuesday: 10 Reasons I'm Writing this at 2am

  • It's it been daylight saving for the past two days and my wretched body has failed to absorb that little fact, so it doesn't want to go to bed until the 'real 2am' - currently known as 3am.

  • Going to sleep means having to wake up and get up and somewhere along the line I missed out on the gene for enjoying that process. Waking up, for me, is usually accompanied by listening to the kids bicker and the Grumpy Old Man whinging at them, and a headache and a body that creaks like old Mrs Magillacuddy's back door... I'm no fan of waking up.

  • The grass in the front yard is getting to around knee height, and for some reason the need to organise a Jim's Mowing bloke to come and prune it back to societal expectation standard suburban acceptible length bores bounces around my brainbox exactly 2.7 seconds after my head hits the pillow, this leads to much frustrated tossing and turning in the wee hours...

  • I haven't managed to adopt or birth me a boy child on Sims 3 Ambitions despite attempts with James, Jack, and Sarah but maybe I'll strike lucky with Lucas, but first I have to flirt, tenderly embrace, woohoo and marry him... Why does this all take so long???

  • I'm going to be out with the kids tomorrow, but I also know that because I won't get to bed until the 'real' 2am and must engage in lawn induced frustrated tossing and turning, I'll be getting out of bed exactly 10 minutes before we leave the house - which doesn't leave much time for list writing...

  • It's nice and quiet at 'fake' 2am, especially during the school holidays when four little boys and their noisy little toys are all at rest. Such a lovely time of day to write!

  • I ate a large bag of very salty chicken chips after dinner and washed that down with Coca Cola - if I even attempt a horizontal position before it's all digested my natural state of reflux will burn a massive hole in my oesophogus!

  • Now that the Grumpy Old Man is safely tucked away in bed, I can visit a taboo site, and oooh and aaah over Freddy and Jimmy the Latin American twins... You know, I don't get why the GOM hasn't warmed to the idea of adopting these adorable chihuahua puppies, only 1.5 years old and so, so cute! I'd go down to RSPCA Burwood and pick them up tomorrow if he gave me the go ahead!

  • The GOM and I stayed up later than we planned discussing the pros and cons of getting a dog or two. I sense he is resigned to the fact that I've decided I the boys really need pets, you know, to satisfy my apparently insatiable need to parent something that adores me unconditionally and doesn't give me lip for their development of empathy for dependant creatures... However, he is keen to postpone the inevitable as long as possible by engaging me in irrelevant discussion... Before we knew it, it was 'fake' 2am.

  • This is the only time of day I can make a hot drink and finish drinking it before to goes stone motherless cold!

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    Jayne said…
    In WA, 3am is never fake. They don't like daylight savings here. Apparently it fades the curtains or some such rubbish ;)

    You NEED the Latin American twins, hembra. NEED THEM. Keep the relentless nagging going until GOM gives in.

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