Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Heart My Body!

Well, I've been a day late with everything this week, so why not this too! Yesterday over at 'We Heart Life' was 'I Heart My Body 2011' day. Many bloggers from all over the place have posted on their blogs why they love their bodies - in whatever shape they happen to arrive! Many have posted photos of themselves in their undies (and one or two in nothing at all, but with discretion all-the-same!) and I thought, Yeah, I can do that.

Oh my trolls will love this!

You know what, this isn't hard for me at all. By society's current standards I should run and hide in some dark cave or at least get around in tent-like clothing and feel greats amount of shame for my size 20 body that is an exhibition of cellulite and the ravages of pregnancy and childbirth and gallbladder operations... I think society - at least our society - is wrong. I should not feel shame for my body because it isn't a size 8 (or even a size 12)... I am not stupid, or lazy, or out-of-control, or ignorant, or any of the labels that society likes to plaster to images of women who are above a size 12. I am the anti-thesis of all these things!

I can't hate my body. I been there, I bought the tshirt and overall it was a tedious and very sucky trip. My body is an amazing, well oiled machine which has grown and birthed four children! It has nourished them for almost thirteen years (and if you were to separate out all the overlaping pregnancies with breast feeding and tandem breastfeeding it's actually over twenty years)!

It has a brain which works in amazing, intelligent, creative ways.

It has its feeble foibles as well. My eyes could work better and I'd have loved to have a little more accurate vocal chords, but it makes up for those things in other ways.

These legs can walk many, many kilometres in a day and not buckle.

These arms lift a 13 kilo, wriggly weight multiple times a day without a complaint.

This back used to routinely carry a 15 kilo weight for several hours a day and is still working just fine after all these years.

I could go on and on, but I know you're really just here to see my magnificent form, so here it is!

Yes, I'm deliberately headless because you really
don't need to see my bed hair on Sunday...

There it is! Stretch marks from four pregnancies, scars from gallbladder surgery, cellulite from family genes (yes, that is true, most cellulite is, in fact, inherited), adornments of tattoos to mark important events in my life. I love it all because it all refers to things in my life I would never have opted out of. My body is a roadmap of my life and my life has been amazing!

Do you love your body? If not now, can you see a time when you might?


katepickle said...

looking fabulous... inspiring to read your words as well as see your images!

Cate said...

Love this so much Sif!!! All the body love posts I have read over at 'We heart life' have been so inspiring. I think you are magnificant.
And for goodness sake just delete the troll comments - don't give them the satisfaction. They don't deserve it!

Kate said...

Love it Sif. Your body love is inspiring.

Kimmie said...

Hi gorgeous girl. 45 here and hubby and I have both bravely joined in this year! You look fantastic in my books! Love you blog btw :]

Megs said...

You are gorgeous and I love your attitude, so awesome!

Jay said...

You should heart your body - it's done some pretty amazing things. Great post, Sif!

Peter Prevos said...

Great post.

I have done research into body image issues and have consistently found that women want to be thinner. Even though most of my students are thin young women, they are nevertheless unhappy.

Other research shows a correlation between young women viewing advertising and negative body image.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Watch this Gruen Transfer clip on beauty ideals.


Anonymous said...

Now this i will give you credit for, this is brave, well done.

But please remove comment on your kid being born with ranga pubes, come on he can google one day, as can his friends.

Sarah said...

I love the idea of our bodies being a road map. Every line, scar, lump and bump being a permanent marker of part of our journey.

Another inspiring, thought provoking post Sif.

Sif Dal said...

Wow! Thanks for the wonderful response!

KateF, it was your post which inspired me!

Peter, ah, I guess I'm just not that young anymore! Will check out the Gruen video (did I ever tell you Wil and I used to dorm mates at uni, and good friends for a few years... Lost touch though - and his attitude to breastfeeding leaves much to be desire, hmph, lol!).

Anonymous, my children will all choose their friends better than that, so anyone giving him a hard time will probably only do so anonymously on his blog and then he'll just laugh!

Sarah, yeah, this is how I view my tattoos and so, all the stretchmarks and cellulite and scars would be even moreso I think!

permanently amanda said...

i think Peter has a point about "young" women being unhappy with their bodies. It's most of us "old" ladies that have learnt to love our bodies, is it because we are mums and have seen what amazing things the body can do? Is it because we don't accept the media bullshit anymore? Is it something else?

I love your words "My body is a roadmap of my life " so true! :)

Glow said...

The road map of your life is impressive. It is inspiring to read how much you love your body, Sif.

Good Job!