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10 Things Tuesday: 10 Reasons I LOVE November!

I'm in such an excited tizz about the start of the month, today, that I have to admit I almost forgot about 10 Things Tuesday, but here it is, finally! Enjoy!

November has always been my favourite month of the year. In my synesthetic mind November is blue - actually now that I think about it, it's TARDIS blue - it always has been, so that's a funny coincidence to me. November is calm and gentle. I always wished I was born in November. I was actually due in November (the 22nd) but not born until just over three weeks later, in December (the 14th). So, I've always favoured November over every other month of the year - here are a few reason why I love this November!
  • Today is the official launch of The Lost Children Anthology which is raising money for two children's charities; PROTECT and Children 1st. I have a story in this anthology and am very excited to have been published internationally, but also to be part of such a worthy cause. I want all of you to buy a copy! It's only $2.99USD, so VERY affordable! You can buy it at Smashwords and Amazon - if you do buy a copy, let me know!
  • Today is also the launch of NaNoWriMo; the National Novel Writing Month. A month dedicated to letting the imagination flow while your inner critic and editor is hogtied in a closet at the back of the house. At the end of November I'll have another YA novel manuscript to review and edit and mollycoddle like a spoilt child. Woot! Also, the Ink Paper Pen writing group have our very own blog post over at the Sydney Writer's Centre blog Writing Bar - go check it out! Congratulations and good luck to all these wonderful women.
  • November is when the school fair happens - next Saturday! If you are a Melbourne local, contact me and I'll give you the details! It's set to be a fabulous sunny day with rides, second hand books and clothing, a DJ, show bags and fairy floss!
  • It's wedding anniversary month! This year the Grumpy Old Man and I are celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary, 14 years of living together and 15 years of being together on November 14th! If you haven't heard this story before, I'll quickly recap... I actually got engaged to my previous boyfriend (who is now a Disney Doll collector - things that make you go hmmm) on November 14th, 1995. We planned to get married three years later on November 14th, 1998, but the relationship didn't even last a year past engagement. On November 14th, 1996, I met the GOM (who was a friend of my brother's) in the city so he could return a manuscript of mine he'd been copyediting (he's also a writer). I was going to go see the movie Emma after collecting my MS but I never got to the movie. Instead we talked over coffee, then over dinner, and then over more coffee... It became our first unofficial date. A year later we moved into our first place together on November 14th, 1997. In early 1998, we decided to get married and when we discovered that November 14th that year was going to be a Saturday (of course) we knew that would be our wedding day... Saturday 14th of November, 1998 was always going to be my wedding day! Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman got married that same day - their marriage was annulled 9 days later - I'm glad mine and the GOM's marriage has lasted a little longer!
  • This month I get to do my first book review on this blog! I'm participating in 'Adopt An Indie' which is project organised by Donna Brown over at Book Bags and Cat Naps. The official Adopt An Indie site can be found here and I think Donna may still be looking for reviewers to help raise the profile of independently published books, if anyone else is interested in doing this (you get a free book to read - and review)...
  • I was in Ishka the other day looking for a present for a friend when something glinted and caught my eye. At the counter there was a little wood box and in the box were pebbles and on the pebbles were engraved gilted words. The word that caught my eye was 'BELIEVE'. I bought that little $1.50 (with instore discount) pebble and have kept it close ever since. I've decided to dedicate November to believing. I'm going to believe in all the wonderful possibilities. I'm going to believe that the mediation with the HR department of the place the GOM had a job with for 24 hours will go well and the GOM will be gainfully employed by the end of this month. I'm going to believe that my application for a writing contract with a government department in the city will be accepted and I'll have my first writing contract. I'm going to believe that I will write 50 000 words for NaNoWriMo this month. I'm going to believe this will be the month when everything works out. I'm going to believe all these things because I believe seeing that particular pebble was a sign! I have it sitting here right under my computer screen...

  • I have six more weeks of being thirty-nine. That's right, in six weeks time I'll be going through my very last day in my thirties. It's been a busy decade. I'm looking forward to be forty. I always said I would feel properly grown up until I turned forty (I suspect I might not ever feel properly grown up, mind you). I do feel that I'm on the brink of an exciting new chapter of my life though. So here's to my very last November as a thirty-something!
  • November is the month I get to start planning for Christmas. I love Christmas and in recent years I've struggled to really feel it, but I think this year will be different! I want to make the boys Santa sacks this year because even though I buy small things for their stockings, the packaging is often bigger than the item found within it! Now don't you laugh at once at the thought of me hand-sewing Santa sack, you'll wake the baby! Bring it on!
  • This month we get to have 11.11.11 - an auspicious number in anyone's book! AND it is Remembrance Day - which for some reason has always been bigger to me than ANZAC day. I just have a really good feeling about November this year - I hope it's a wonderful month for all of you, too!

I am also linking up with Diary of a SAHM for I Blog on Tuesday!

OMGoodness, how could I forget??? Well, okay, I forget easily, that was really a rhetorical question, now where was I? Oh yes! I was shown this FABULOUS video this morning that I just have to share (especially considering it's TARDIS blue month)!!!


Ai Sakura said…
lovely list to start off november! last sat I went for a school fun fair too. first time my little girl went for one and she had a blast. I had a good time meeting up with some old friends too! :)

Ai @ Sakura Haruka
New: Wordless Wednesday Linky Party
Kellie said…
I believe this month will be fabulous for you too Sif!
Jayne said…
Your November is shaping up to be pretty freaking awesome!


Love that.

I bought your anthology. Looking forward to reading it :D
love your story about 14 November 1998!
Lee said…
Sounds like an awesome month. I believe it will be awesome for you. x
LOVE your 14th Nov destiny! I can't wait to read all about your November, Sif, big and wonderful things are happening for you! I am doing my best with NaNoWriMo, but need to get into gear and get writing! I may be up until 2 in the morning getting the first word count done!
Rhianna said…
Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses for a wonderful November, sure sounds like it will be a beauty
Janelle said…
Yessss, November is going to be THE BEST! I love this month too. And it's my wedding anniversary on the 17th!

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