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Thankful Thursday: The Balancing Act...

In all honesty, I'm not feeling very thankful today. I'm actually considering throwing a pity party (you're not invited, so relax). I have a very, very mild cold beginning. I haven't had even a sniffle all Winter, so I can't really complain, but that's not going to stop me. I also have a visitor. Yeah, you know the one. Let's not go into details, this is pretty much where I'd prefer to be a guy. This is where I ditch the whole Earth Mother thing and just go with raving bitch of hell mode.

BUT *and she plasters on a syrupy sweet, fake smile*, I'm going to be thankful because being thankful will balance out my Chi or Ki or whatever it's called. Being thankful will rain serenity upon my tortured form. I need to be thankful and to see the beauty in the world around me, or I'll probably end up on the 6 o'clock news. So, here goes.

  • I am Thankful for the opportunity the very lovely Denyse offered me, when she asked me to guest post on her blog today! Please go check it out - Denyse's blog is a great source of information and sage advice about all things education!
  • I am Thankful the Grumpy Old Man's driving instructor has said he will forfeit his fee for the GOM's upcoming test, which means we can a) not ask MIL for food money next fortnight and b) let the children have some fun at the school fair this weekend!
  • I am Thankful to have met so many wonderful writers who are also doing NaNoWriMo and contributing to it being an inspiring experience for me (you know who you are!).
  • I am Thankful for the HOT weather that is about to descend on us this coming weekend in Melbourne. I'm so thankful for the heat, that I'm choosing to ignore that it will also be incredibly steamy - yay for hot weather!
  • I am Thankful for laughing with my children. That should be self-explanatory.
  • I am Thankful for being born in, and living in, a country where I have all sorts of relative freedoms, where I have access to all sorts of advocacy if I feel discriminated against, where I am relatively safe to come and go as I choose, where I can make decisions for myself and my children without being marshalled at gunpoint. I take these things for granted sometimes, and then I see or hear things that remind how in other countries that seem so much like Australia, the reality of my choices would, in fact, be completely different. I pray Australia doesn't go the same way.
  • I am Thankful I have this blog where I can be me in all my imperfect glory. I am thankful I have enough inhibition to let it all hang out despite what other people might think or say because I have enough self-esteem to not constantly live in fear of other people's judgment. I am thankful my children are learning from my example and understand that other people's thoughts mostly reflect their own issues.
  • I am Thankful for m&ms.
I'm linking up with Kate Says Stuff for Thankful Thursday. What are you thankful for today?


Kate said…
Right there with you on a lot of this post, right down to visitors ;)

Except I have no m and m's *sob*

I am SO looking forward to the heat this weekend though, bring it!!!
Rhianna said…
I am thankful for your blog as well, and Kate's, I was a bit disappointed about not being invited to the pity party. I would have thrown one last week only I feared no one would come. I also really liked the part about other people's thoughts being a reflection of their own issues.
Great thankful list Sif , I agree with you on many of them.
Love that m & m image ...and eating them.
We are the lucky country here.
Send some heat my way in WA it has gone cool again.
Ooh M and M's! Yum!

Glad you could find some positive things and didn't end up on the evening news! :)
I didn't have any M & M's today - but I did have a Kit Kat.... does that count?
Chantel said…
Mmmm! M&Ms, now extremely distracted
You said the magic word - M&Ms. I can't wait for a bit of warmth either. Melbourne's weather has been less than stellar of late.

Great that you've found so much to be thankful for - not much of a pity party when you've got so much to be happy about ;)
There are some weeks where I really struggle to find things to be thankful for - but by the time I finish writing the post I do find I feel a little better! I enjoyed lots of laughs and cuddles with my baby girl today - that is definitely something to be thankful for! I hope you are feeling more the thing today!

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