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Things I Know: 11.11.11

Today, with it's 11.11.11 date, is supposed to be a day of unity and manifestation. It's a day on which our thoughts are supposed to materialise at the speed of light in the power of raised energies and raised consciousness. Today is also the full moon, an undoubtedly powerful event for our little globe in the heavens. To celebrate this auspicious event, I thought it would be absolutely appropriate to meditate on those things I know, the certainties which are manifest, even as I write them. Here is what I know today!

  • I know I'm a numbers nerd and have been looking forward to the 11.11.11 for a long, long time. It has been high in my consciousness and speaking to me for months!
  • I know the very first tattoo I ever got was the Nepalese numeral one, which looks a bit like a question mark, but which I got because it represents unity of all things and refers to my firm belief that everything is connected. Unity of all things!
  • I know I am strong. I am resourceful. I am ultimately optimistic and so even when I'm feeling very, very low I know it's only temporary.
  • I know my family is always provided for. This is proven time and again, whenever a curveball comes our way, it is always caught. I know that in the future I will look back on my almost 40 year old self and wonder why I ever doubted that we would be just fine, just as I look back at my 25 year old self and wonder how she ever doubted she would meet and marry a wonderful man and have many wonderful children - and much sooner than she ever imagined.
  • I know we will own our own home.
  • I know the Grumpy Old Man will get his licence and we'll have that people mover I keep daydreaming about.
  • I know I am committed to our family staying close knit and being present for one another, and because I am committed to this happening, it will happen.
  • I know my boys will grow up to be fine men who are compassionate and brave and intelligent.
  • I know my writing will continue to develop and improve and will take me places even I can't imagine - it already has! I know my novels will be published and read widely one day.
  • I know one day I will be Dr Sif Dal. I know I will totally put Dr on every form I ever fill in thereafter!
  • I know I will have a home that is clean and bright and full of plants and pets one day!

      I know writing this list has filled my heart with sunshine as bright as the rays streaming down into my back yard outside my study window. I know I will remember to know these things in future, whenever the clouds threaten. I will evaporate the clouds with the knowledge of these wonderful happenings in my life!

      What do you know?

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      Jayne said…
      11/11/11 is such a cool number! I don't know much about numerology and such, but with the full moon how could it NOT be auspicious? :)

      Great list :)
      Anonymous said…
      Some great affirmations :) If you believe it will happen, it WILL happen.
      Sif said…
      I just had someone tell me there is no significance in the number because of all the shifting of calendars throughout the history of man. That it's a construct. I really get this thinking and don't argue it at all. My response is, if you feel the love today, if you feel the joy and the hope - FEEL IT, embrace it. Love has never hurt anyone. Joy has never hurt anyone. If 11.11.11 raises the seratonin levels in your brain, it doesn't matter why, just be happy and spread the love!
      Jayne said…
      I saw that, and was tempted to go in and question him about his belief system, but restrained myself :/
      Sif said…
      All our beliefs systems are equal in that they are all beliefs systems. If one is untrue, they are all untrue, if one is true, they are all equally true because they all have the same foundation - faith. Unity :).
      kirri said…
      It always works out in the end. That's one thing I'm sure of also. I enjoyed your 'knowing' list today and your commitment to making it happen.
      Mich said…
      I said to my partner last night, that ages ago I asked him if he wanted to get married today. His reply was why today, mine was, cos its a cool number. Then I said well we cant get married on the 12/12/12, because thats Miss 3's 5th birthday.

      My grandparents got married on the 22/2/02, I love numbers like that.
      skyelee said…
      What a wonderful, inspiring post Sif. Enjoy the special day that will be 11.11.11 for you!
      Ai Sakura said…
      speaking of marriage and numbers, today is definitely a popular day to get married!

      We got married on 20.08.2008 :P Yes, I love numbers in that way haha..

      Such a positive list you have! Hope that you will stay that way and yes, keep that list in a safe place and look back often to remind yourself of the good things to come :)

      Ai @ Sakura Haruka
      Lee said…
      If you know it, it must be the truth. I am looking forward to reading one of those novels! x
      Jayne said…
      You will make all of those things happen, you're extremely determined.

      I think you should make us all address you as Dr Sif when the time comes ;)

      Also, when you're published, may I have a signed copy of your widely read catalogue of novels to give away on my blog? :P
      Chloe Greene said…
      Lovely, uplifting and wise post.
      I have always had a fascination with numbers too, thinking they were magical when I was a child.
      And I also REALLY wanted to know how many grains of sand there were on the beach.

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