Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Today I am bitter...

This will be a short one, just an update for those of you who care.

The GOM went for his mediation meeting this morning with the company where he'd been doing work placement and where he had been offered a position, but later, after two medicals, the offer had been rescinded. The rescinding of the offer came as a surprise to the manager at the time, who had already arranged two shifts for the GOM.

So, we cried discrimination because he'd passed two medicals and been signed up for shifts and then the offer was rescinded on the grounds of his having put that he had athritis in his knees on his first medical assessment form.

Today he met with the human resource manager, the facility manager who had offered him the job in the first place, two other representatives from the company (I can't remember who) and a mediation officer from the anti-discrimination commission to try and sort this out.

So, the outcome?

The outcome was that the company presented two medical reports saying the GOM was not able to carry out the full range of Personal Care Attendant duties required of him for the position.

They said he had not even been given an offer of a job.

Basically, they chose to lie.

When asked why both the medical examiners would have said to the GOM that he was clear to work; the second one saying this also to the manager in front of the GOM and then write up reports to saying he wasn't clear to work, they said they couldn't comment on that.

When asked why the manager would tell the GOM he had the job after the two medicals were complete and send him to arrange two shifts; one for that week, one for the following week. They disputed this had even occurred.


During the meeting the manager who offered the GOM the job did not make eye contact with him.

As conciliation they offered to write the GOM a non-prejudicial reference letter and they offered him a small sum of money. A mutual confidentiality agreement is to be signed by both parties.

So, there you have it.

Anti-discrimination laws aren't worth the paper they are written on when the people in the power positions have no integrity and are more than happy to lie their way out of inconvenient situations.

This is also why I no longer have any faith in so-called 'equal opportunity employers'. Sure it looks good on the advertisement to say that, but in the end if they don't want to employ you, they'll just lie and claim you are incapable of doing the job - even when you have been doing for weeks already without any complaints (when the GOM pointed this out, they actually suggested that no complaints might just be their staff covering for his inadequacies).

Today I am bitter.


Jody House said...

Hahah, I liked this so much: Liar, liar, pants on fire.." Can I use it?

Mr B said...

Thats unbelievable!

Sif Dal said...

It gets better, Nic - or worse, I don't know which. The GOM had the contact details of the second medical assessor, and I suggested he could email the guy (who had been very friendly) and just say something along the lines of, 'after the assessment you said I was cleared to walk, but today I was told you thought I was able to complete all the required work.' - you know just in case he didn't actually rewrite the report himself. The GOM said he had the guy's mobile number, so he rang the assessor. Turns out the guy didn't know about the meeting today, and didn't know the company was refusing to employ the GOM. In fact, he said he'd written a positive report and would provide a statement to that effect.

So, these people actually CHANGED the report to say the GOM was not fit for the job! That is completely illegal. How arrogant???

Sif Dal said...

*was not able

Sarah said...

Sif, Im so sorry and you have every right to feel bitter!

Perhaps if the second medical assessor is prepared to make a statement this is an avenue you could follow should you choose to take it any further.

It's so unfair that you should all be being put through this.

I am thinking of you and wishing you well.

Sif Dal said...

Sarah, yeah, D has already rung the arbitrator to say we have found out they lied about the second report and that the assessor is will to make a statement saying so. Of course, we really need the original report and the signed statement (and lately I've learned not to count on something happening until it actually happens).

Frankly, we could press charges because this amounts to fraud and is a criminal act, but we'll see what happens.

bek said...

Erm yeh I'd be slightly bitter (and somewhat pissed off) too. That really sucks.

And is fraudulent. Makes one wonder if they would actually want to work for a company like that.

Mr B said...

Oh my god ! Cant believe someone would be so evil. Wishing you guys some good luck and that something is done about this.

Veronica @ Mixed Gems said...

Wishing some good luck come your way soon. I know what you mean about EEO. There are ways around it even without blatant lies and that sucks. Maybe you could bring this to the attention of A Current Affair or Today Tonight. Not sure if their processes and editing would be helpful either but you never know. Gee don't I sound a tad cynical.

Good Job!