Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Write on Wednesdays: We Are Learning To Make Fire...

Write On Wednesdays

Write On Wednesdays Exercise 23 - Write the words of Margaret Atwood at the top of your page "We are learning to make fire". Set your timer to 5 minutes. Write the first words that come into your head after the prompt. Stop when the buzzer rings.

I had no intention of participating in this week's WoW. I have to be completely honest and admit I haven't read any of last week's submissions yet because I've been completely self-involved. I do have plans to read and comment on them though - I just have a lot of catching up to do. So, I wasn't going to write this week because I feel like I don't deserve to submit something else until I've at least commented on last week's submissions by others. Feel free to skip reading and commenting on this one from me - I'm mostly writing because I'm supposed to be reading right now, and I'm supposed to be writing for NaNoWriMo but I've been playing Sims Social on Facebook instead and have run out of energy there. Yes, I'm using WoW to procrastinate - I am pure evil!

Okay, so here goes...

"We are learning to make fire"

'We're doing what now?' Thomas' face was a Picasso of puzzlement.
'Obviously, I don't mean literally. What I mean is we're breaking new ground and learning new skills which will help us survive.'
'Survive...' Thomas turned the world over in his head. Survival wasn't how he'd imagined describing the relationship with his life partner. Then again, he hadn't imagined spending the rest of his life with someone who wasn't even human.
'Steady on, it's not that serious.' Svava put a cool, soft hand on his. He swore her hands had healing properties. Her touch always soothed and calmed, was that a Hidden thing? 'This baby will part of both of us. She won't be the first in all of history, but she will be the first in Australia. The first in the history of Australian born Hidden.'
'Do you know we're having a girl?' Was that something Hidden knew, too?
'I don't know for sure, just call it intuition.' Svava smiled and rolled her eyes playfully.
'Okay, so this fire, will we be able to control it or should we call the SES?'
'Let's play it by ear, and take it one spark at a time, okay?' 
Thomas took a deep breath, he'd never considered himself to be any kind of pioneer, he knew nothing about starting fires. Excitement and trepidation coursed through his veins trying to outrun each other. They were going to have a baby, the human and the Hidden. They were breaking ground - and breaking laws. His stomach surged.


Madmother said...

Hmmm, very intriguing! Love the whole interaction and you have me hooked on the Hidden...

TV said...

Haha I love your introductory monologue, don't worry about all that the main thing that's really important here is to enjoy yourself.

I really like this. Although I'm squirming with need to know about these Hidden and what they are! Great trepidation throughout the whole piece.

spring days, new growth said...

A Picasso of puzzlement - masterful! Interesting ongoing story, the prompt well woven into your story.

Rain said...

Interesting take on the prompt. At first I thought Svava was an alien, but then it became clear that she isn't (or is she?). What are these Hidden you speak of? I'm hooked. =)

Fantastic description, too. I am in love with "He swore her hands had healing properties." and "Excitement and trepidation coursed through his veins trying to outrun each other.".

/ Rain

B said...

I love the 'Picasso puzzlement' too!

Great post. I love the idea of the 'Hidden'... Very intriguing. Hmmm.... how fun would it be to write the rest of this story!

Sif Dal said...

Thanks so much guys. This is the story I'm writing for NaNo, but I haven't gotten to this scene yet - I'm about 10 000 words behind this scene. I thought I'd try and do what so many other clever WoWers have done and make the prompt work for my story :).

Melissa said...

Interesting. Looking forward to reading your novel to find out more ;) Don't worry, you're not alone with not commenting on last weeks posts...

Lillie McFerrin said...

Such an intersting piece! The whole way through, I thought it would be awesome to read the whole story. So glad to learn it's your NaNo book :)

Don't worry about being behind on commenting. I am too! Between NaNo and you know, life, it can be difficult to keep up. Happy writing!!!

Stephanie said...

I loved the first line! The suspense in this piece is great! I also love how you used the word "Hidden" as more than just a word. Great mystery!
No worries on the commenting.... I was in a deep fog last week due to having the flu. I hardly commented on anyone's piece.

Sarah said...

Ha ha, as if I wasn't going to read it!

We all have times when things get in the way - don't worry about it :)

I'm really intrigued with this - what or who are the hidden???

Hope you find time to continue it next week.

Sif Dal said...

Thank you everyone for your kind comments :). For those of you who have asked who/what the hidden are, go here and read :)ólk

If you read about the stones raining down on residential streets in Bolungarvik, that is where I lived the longest in Iceland. I also lived in the town of Kopavogur for several months, where the photo of the elfstones is taken.

My understanding of lighting candles on January 6th (and, in fact, we used to proceed around town with he candles, was not so much to guide the elves was as to day, 'we live here, stay away!' LOL.

Also, many Icelandic elves are Christians and have their own cathedrals inside mountains, so being afraid of crosses might just be a Faroese belief about huldufolk.

Finally, while Icelanders may have tiny houses in their yards for the huldufolk, it is commonly accepted that there are many varieties of huldufolk including those who pass for human... The ones I write about.

Rain said...

You lived in Iceland? AWESOME! If I weren't less than two years away from living in Tromsø, Norway, I'd envy you. Enormously.

It was nice of you to share that link with us. I'd love to read your whole story when it's finished, especially with this additional background on the Hidden. =)

/ Rain

Sif Dal said...

Rain, are you moving to Tromso, or just moved back from there? I used to live in Norway as well - over 20 years ago now. I lived Asker, Moss and Langesund (all south)... It's a beautiful country. Do you speak the language? Planning on learning it?

Rain said...

Moving there in two years (well, a little less: as soon as I finish my bachelor's degree), if all goes well. Trondheim and Bergen are other options because of the universities there, but Tromsø has won my heart over with its sheer beauty. But then all of Norway is beautiful, as you said. I haven't been to any of the three southern cities you mentioned, although I did spend one day in Østfold last summer (at a friend's place in Fredrikstad). Other than that and Oslo, however, I only know Norway from Bergen northwards, and only the coastline (but all the way to Kirkenes).

I don't speak norwegian, although there was a time when I could count from 1 to 6 and then from 8 to 10. I don't think I'll have a very hard time learning it, though; it's similar enough to german and english. I suppose learning it should be a priority for me, but I'm way more interested in russian and german right now, haha.

You must have wonderful memories from Norway, Sif; it would be nice to have a chat about it sometime, if you'd like. I can't imagine anybody not wanting to live there. =)

/ Rain

Anonymous said...

Need to know more about the Hidden! Wonderful, I love the idea of them taking it "one spark at a time".

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

wow, Icelandic hidden folk, all new to me, sounds like a great story you're writing.

Good Job!