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10 Things Tuesday: 10 Moments That Have Made Me Smile This Week...

Almost forgot about 10 Things Tuesday again this week, sorry! This is obviously a hash job, but actually I wanted to share the following photos with my readers, and this is as good a reason as any.

Lots of little moments have made me smile this week and I've tried to remember to get them 'on film' - or rather a digitised version of that. These are not all big, WOW, moments, just those little moments that warm the cockles of one's heart... Here we go!

I've been trying to stay on top the house work recently - let's face it, it's one thing I can control and right now I still feel like I need to have some influence over something. Ari expressed an interest in the dishes this week, so I handed him a tea towel and let him dry the plastics - we have plenty of plastics! As you can see, he loved it and now he regularly helps me every time I do the dishes while he's awake. So cute!

We don't bathe our children every day. When Erik was a baby and had severe eczema, the dermatologist we took him to said that one of the worst things he knew for children's skin was daily bathing. He was all for keeping children clean, of course, but said a flannel wash was more than sufficient with a bath only happening once or twice a week, tops. He said he'd prefer parents to shower children over letting them soak in water - even without soap, he was no fan of soap!

So, for our kids a bath is a treat! Ari had only ever had three or four, and then in a laundry tub. This week he had his first ever bath with a sibling and it didn't start with the smiles it ended with - he absolutely did not like the BIG BATH at first and needed quite a lot of cajoling to settle in, but then of course, he was unimpressed when we wanted to get him out, too! This photo is from the few minutes in between.

Afterwards, he turned on the charm in his new terry dressing gown!

Bryn has been all gummy again these past few week and only this week have we managed to spot the tips of his new grown up bunny teeth - this photo was a [failed] attempt at capturing those 'great whites' - but he was being so cool and cute...

And then he cracked up...

Today Ari went on a train for the first time in a very long time and he was so very serious about the whole experience. I can't imagine what was going through his mind, but he's a fan of Thomas the Tank Engine and I wonder if he worried that being 'inside' Thomas was somehow wrong. He was much cheerier once we got off the train and stood and train spotted for a few minutes - he loved seeing the other trains zoom by.

Can you see that teensy tiny spec in the longer right hand quadrant of the glass tube - it's very small. Erik brought it home from his camping trip to Sovereign Hill. It's a tiny spec of gold, and it is worth $10. He prospected for it and is very proud of his find!

For months now we've been hearing about the annual art project at the boys school. Our boys school is named after two artists and in all the information about the school there is always a heavy emphasis on artistic pursuits at the school. The school holds an annual professional artshow with art from local artists being sold. As well as this there is always an 'artist in residence' who directs the children in a major project. This year the art project was to reproduce a number of painting from the artists who were part of the Heidelberg Artist Camp. The painting were reproduced on a grid with each child being assigned a square to 'copy'. Just recently the painting were hung around the school. Erik's work on the painting on the right of this photo.

Specifically, he was responsible for reproducing the hat and the face...

In context of the entire painting.

I'm so proud of what achieved here!

I'm linking this post up with I Blog on Tuesday over at Diary of a SAHM.


ohhhh I love that gummy smile - so priceless and that Hugh Hefner shot in the dressing gown is one for the future Daughter in Law ;) xx
Rhianna said…
What beautiful reasons to smile. I love that art is such a feature of the school, what a beautiful learning experience for the students
We need to shot every day in Darwin, otherwise we would stink! But we don't have a bath wither so a shower is all it is. :)

Loved seeing lots of pics of your gorgeous boys. I can see why these moments made you smile.
Lee said…
What a lovely week Sif! We have the eczema problem in this house too so go easy on the baths. Very cute in his dressing gown. What gorgeous boys you have!
Ponny Man said…
That's what I call an awesome week. You seem to have had quite the time! The pictures are soooo sweet!
Jayne said…
My girls have always showered/bathed without soap until recently as their skin is very sensitive.

Great photos, Sif! Ari is rocking the dressing gown. Too cute.
These are beautiful reasons to smile. Ari is very cute. My Miss T asks to help me with laundry. Not folding but throwing it in the machine.

By the way, happy belated birthday. I hope you had a special one. I miss the last decade myself but this one's not too bad. :-)
Sif said…
Just catching up on comments now! Thank you so much everyone!

Rhianna - yes, we chose the school for it's arts and performing arts focus. On the whole it's quite good, though we'd love the arts and performing arts teachers to have as much inspiration, initiative and determination as the sports teacher seems to have! The school doesn't seem to be able to employ a dedicated art teacher and each year level only has PA for half the year, which seems a bit weak for a school which sells its reputation on these things. I dare to say I believe Erik is gifted in the area of visual arts (he tested three years ahead drawing at the age of eight and seems to have continued at that pace) but the school doesn't challenge him in that area. We have high hopes for the high school we're looking into now. Then again, my brother is completely self taught and he is doing really well with his art now (in the field of tattooing).

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