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10 Things Tuesday: My 10 Favourite Things...

For today's post, I thought I'd write my 10 Favourite Things. This idea came about this morning after a conversation with the Grumpy Old Man where we had started talking about what might happen when the property owners move ahead with developing this property in 2012.

They're going to build a couple of townhouses in what is currently our back yard. We'll lose the entire back yard up to 1.5 metres from the back of the house (enough room for an adult to walk the parameter of the house, but not enough room for children's play equipment), as well as the garage and the back driveway. There is no driveway in the front of the house. The contents of the garage will have to be stored in our already cramped home; we'll possibly lose 1-2 rooms in the house to storage (the second laundry and possibly the third bedroom which we're currently converting to guest room for mother-in-law). We were considering moving, but we can't afford to move, and besides no one will rent a house to a family of six with no taxable income. So, we'll probably stay.

Anyway, I was joking around that we could just pack clothes and abandon everything else if we had to move but couldn't afford removalists (yeah, yeah, I know we can't really do that, I was fantasising). Then I added that I couldn't leave my gadgets; the computer, the iPad, the pods and the camera, I'd have to pack them, even just in a suitcase! The GOM said he couldn't walk away from his Comic Book and Graphic Novel collection. I said that I was happy to walk away from most of our furniture, except the cabinet and hutch... And, of course, this all snowballed.

Things, hey? They aren't just things, they mark our achievements, our passions, and our memories. If our house burned down I would be very sad to lose some things, and oddly enough photos don't rate highly among them.

This got me thinking about favourite things, but not only things; pastimes, music and concepts as well. So, I thought I'd list some here...

My favourite piece of furniture:

This was a generous gift from a friend (at a minuscule price), and an item of furniture I'd longed for since I was very young! If I could only have one item of furniture from my house, this would be it!

My favourite item of clothing:

This top was a birthday present from a friend last week. I have to say it is absolutely no reflection of her own tastes, she bought it because I love it! I love the colour and the glitteriness of it! I love the cowl neckline, it's amazingly flattering! I can't wait to wear it this Christmas. It makes me laugh because it's tangible evidence that I am becoming more and more like my maternal grandmother for every year that passes!

My favourite pastime:

If you've been reading my blog lately, you'll know my current favourite pastime is crocheting - at the moment I'm working on this gorgeous cushion, which I'm hopeful of finishing before Christmas!

My favourite blog:

Attic 24 which is the blog of one very, very clever and inspiring woman - Lucy! I don't know Lucy, I just happened on her blog a couple of weeks ago when looking for Christmas tree crocheted ornament patterns. I love almost everything she crochets and want to try my hand at so many of her creations! I'm so happy to have found a blog that inspires me so much.

My favourite saying:

My favourite piece of music:

The Grumpy Old Man and I have recently been catching up on Star Trek Voyager and I was reminded just how beautiful this piece of music is! I only wish is lasted longer! Listen to it with your eyes closed.

My favourite piece of jewellery:

I inherited this bracelet from my mum when I got married. She was given it from her mum when she got married. My maternal grandmother received it as a gift from my grandfather who designed it and had it made from silver wire work especially for her (I think for a wedding anniversary, or some other special occasion - mum???). I love how the segments form both butterflies and shields.

My favourite sensation:

Hot water spraying on my body! If I could design my ideal bathroom, I'd have a giant shower with spray nozzles from all sorts of directions - which could be turned on individually. It would be big enough for a bench of sorts where I could lay down and have droplets of water pummel my skin. A water massage!

My favourite pick-me-up:

Singing is always guaranteed to lift my mood - even if I'm singing sad, sad songs. There is apparently a proven biological response in humans to singing. I can't remember if it is related to increased oxygen in the blood, or some sort of seratonin release mechanism, but singing works every time for me (much more reliable than chocolate).

My favourite place in the world:

By the sea, sitting in sea spray (the light misty kind, not the wash-you-off-the-rocks kind). I don't care if it's stinking hot, or cold and rainy (so long as I'm rugged up). I just love to sit on rocks and feel the volatility of the sea, I find it soothing!

What are your favourite things?


Anonymous said…
I love your bathroom idea. A big shower head with lots of water pressure and never ending to water. Not very eco-friendly, but a long hot shower is one of my guilty pleasures/
Sif said…
Mine too! Water pressure in the shower is something I check when inspecting potential rental properties, lol - priorities!!!

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