Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Crochet for Beginners...

Ever since reading this blog post by the lovely Amy from MahliMoo, Me and Three I've been on a bit of a crochet binge...

I started crocheting years ago while pregnant with Erik, but my skill level is still very much that of a beginner. I still need to be reminded how to form a granny square and what the various crochet stitches are (slip stitch, single, double and triple crochets, and the pesky half double crochet which isn't nearly as difficult as it sounds). I didn't realise until this latest binge that American crochet stitches differ in name from English/Australian crochet stitch (for example, an English double crochet is an American single crochet).

So, I thought I'd share some of the patterns I've been playing with the past few days. These are all easy-peasy if you take them one stitch at time. I'm not particularly talented when it comes to reading patterns, a couple of times I had to unravel and start again, but if I can do it then you absolutely can as well. I used ends of various yarns I had stashed from old knitting projects, but I would love to redo all of these in some lovely white or red cotton using a finer hook (I was using a 4.5mm which is fairly chunky).

First up a picture of some of the items laid out - none of these have been properly finished off with weaved in ends because I can't find my yarn needle.

Now some groupings... Lets start with Stars because that's where I started.

Going clockwise:

The hexagon star
Big star: I didn't finish this one because I ran out of yarn (d'oh), but it would make a great little decorative doily or to even as a placemat or heat mat for under serving dishes.
Six point star: I think this one is very pretty and would be lovely in white cotton!
Five point star: I modified this one a bit to define the shape more to my liking - I do that a bit with crafty stuff, once I feel comfortable with a pattern, I'll mess around with it...


Teensy heart
Granny square heart
Upsized teensy heart
Scandinavian heart

There are so many heart patterns - google images is a great resource for finding patterns. I just googled "crocheted heart ornament" and then picked through the ones which looked simple enough and followed them back to the source pages for patterns. There are so many more I want to try!


This is by far my favourite and since doing this one I've seen you can use the same pattern to make a five point snowflake, which I think I'd love even more - in fact, if you google "crocheted snowflake" you'll find all sort of incredible patterns of varying difficulty! I'm in snowflake heaven and have a dozen patterns I'll be turning my hand at in the coming weeks!

Six point snowflake: As shown on the pattern page, you can vary the size and complexity of this snowflake by using different sized hooks and thickness yarn (mine is a relatively thick bamboo yarn, hence the chunky end result).

In the group photo of the various designs I put up there near the top of this post there is a Tiny Flower ornament. I followed a you tube video to create that. You tube is an excellent resource for the beginner crocheter. Check it out!

So, there you have my pre-christmas crocheting odyssey - well, the beginning of it anyway. This year, more so than in recent years, I've really been tapping the Christmassy feeling; playing Bing Crosby and Mariah Carey, crocheting Christmas tree ornaments (which I was reminded my maternal grandmother had done for all of us - I have her ornament safely packed away from rough little fingers for now - which partly inspired me to do the same because my Amma rocked!), and planning a gingerbread house build - hopefully this coming week (I'll keep you posted, never done it before!)...

Creating pretty things always lifts my spirits, especially at Christmas time!


Rhianna said...

Oh thank you so much for this post, I will be exploring them all further :) These are just great. I taught myself to crochet when I was pregnant with DD2 and much like you I need reminding on what is what.

Mr B said...

Im really going to give these a go. Ive tried crotchet several times and get stuck, lol

Lillie McFerrin said...

These are so great!!! Great post; I'd love to give this a try myself.

Sif Dal said...

I just bought some white crochet cotton, and some silver as well, and am going to give the snowflakes a go on a smaller hook with a double thread, will report back with results :D...

Actually Amy said...

You are on a roll Sif!!

I am getting confused by the difference in American and UK names for stitches! And then my Grandmother starts giving me tips and I get even more confused!

Can wait to see how your snowflakes go.

CraftyMummy said...

Love this post. Can't wait to go and try some stars... I knew I shouldn't have started those hexagons! Stars would have been much better!

Good Job!