Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Do You Ever Wonder If Other People Are Insane?

I do.

I just received a rejection letter for that Government position I applied for at the beginning of November. The job was a twelve month writing contract for a website which features lifestyle and advocacy articles for disabled people in my state.

You know, being that I have a disability and am - let's face - an excellent writer, I will admit the rejection comes as quite a surprise to me. I have seen the calibre of writing on the site and I definitely meet the mark. They suggested I could submit articles - you know, voluntarily, for free and accepting no payment, and have sent me a link for the categories and guidelines for writers. I had already read the link and know the two articles I supplied with my application (which were written specifically for the website, as per their instructions) fit those categories and guidelines.

Ah, yes, who knows what goes through the minds of people like this. This reminds me of a story the GOM has told me several times (it always makes him chuckle) about when Harlan Ellison was a first year university student at Ohio State University. One of his tutors or lecturers said, upon reading some of his writing, he would never become a writer. Obviously Ellison wasn't discouraged by this assessment and made a point of sending a copy of every article, short story and book that subsequently got published to this tutor or lecturer for the next thirty years!

Ellison near the beginning of his career

This is not my first rejection letter, I've had a few. My first novel rejection letter was earlier this year, but I have had quite a few for other pieces. Luckily, I've also had many acceptances and publications, so am not discouraged.

Still, I can't help thinking the editor of this website must have fallen down and hit his little head some time...


Candy End said...

Well indeed today I wondered if I am Ok or gone mad, but eventually decided that if I care about my mental health I am not totally crazy...

Jayne said...

I so love the way you think! When I get knocked back for a job (or anything) I immediately get depressed/upset and think I'm useless, hopeless etc. I wish I had that sort of self confidence! xx

Sif Dal said...

LOL, Jayne, or perhaps I'm just arrogant and delusional, but then there are avfew insane people who have happily published my work, and I would want to insult them!

Good Job!