Thursday, December 08, 2011

It's All Downhill From Here? Hell NO!

I had occasion to go into my local St George bank this morning. Of course, in Victoria St George is now Bank of Melbourne which is a pity because we lose the dragon and really the only reason I even signed up with St George was for the dragon (yes, seriously, I love dragons and if you've been reading my blog long enough this will come as no surprise to you).


Anyhoo, they've changed all the furnishings and, most notably, where there used to be an isle for customers to line up in (which in this particular branch is never an issue, it always seems to be empty; I'm just grateful there is still a branch locally) there is now a nest of chairs and a coffee table. Adjacent to this is a table upon which there is found a kettle, instant coffee and a small pitcher of milk, along with paper cups and a selection of sweeteners. I was a little disappointed they hadn't installed a barrister as well. Possibly they feel if they have coffee people will come and stay for a while? It makes no sense to me.

As I'd turned up just when the bank was opening, the manager had to call a teller from the back room for me. This woman would have been in her late twenties, possibly early thirties. She asked the usual 'withdrawal or deposit?' and I said I would like to make a deposit.

And then you could have knocked me over with a feather after her next question.

"And is that going into your retirement account?"

I realised I was standing there with my mouth attractively agape when she looked up to check that I hadn't evaporated.

In an attempt not to bitch slap her, I smiled. This is a trick I've been practicing lately to combat the raging inferno that occupies the pit the my stomach most of the time these days (the dragon and I have a lot in common, no wonder I was attracted to St George all those years ago).

She smiled back at me with sweet innocence as I clasped my twitching hands tightly behind my back and took a deep breath, 'Oh, my savings account will be fine, I don't have a retirement account.'

Seriously? I know I'm turning forty in five days time, but I think I look pretty good for all-but-forty!

Maybe she thought I looked especially well-to-do? Maybe I've just mastered looking serene and relaxed; like a person who is retired is supposed to look?

Maybe she is just a twit?

I'm totally going to rock this look when blowing
out the candles on my 40th birthday cake!


Jak said...

I'm going with twit!

Rhianna said...

yep without a doubt twit

Anonymous said...

oh...Thick it as a must look well-to-do...:)

This is where you are heading...I went into my local the other week to authenticate my replacement card. The not-so-young-herself teller looked at me, smiled, picked up a permanent texta and wrote a decent size 'P' in the middle of my new red card: 'This is your pay-card for the shops, dear' she said as she slipped it a cross the counter!

As I said, you still have a while to go for that... :D

Pelts and wrinkle ;*

love, mum

Good Job!