Thursday, December 01, 2011

Let's Create A New Niche for Bloggers!

Yesterday, on her blog The Non-Domestik Goddess, my friend Jayne lamented not feeling as if she fit into any particular blogging niche in the wake of participating in NaBloPoMo. This was a post I could relate to very well. I'm sure I've written something similar before, myself. I know I have certainly talked about this topic with other bloggers.

Way back when blogging first started, people often just wrote their blog as if it was a personal diary in a public space. As time passed and the number of blogs exploded into millions and billions, like-minded bloggers started to group themselves. Some people also used blogs as a means to get a particular message across.

These days niches such a food, fashion, photography are well recognised. Social motivations such as support blogs for people living with different conditions or fighting good fights against social injustice, discrimination or ignorance also form a large niche.

Another well recognised, and often wrongly maligned niche is that of the 'mummy blogger'; which encompasses a variety of blogs about parenting, early childhood support or education usually written by stay at home mums, but not exclusively so.

Then there are occupation based blogs including writing, craft, education, public relations and many more. There are also innumerable hobby based blogs, interest based blogs and so on.

But what of those bloggers who dabble? Bloggers for whom blogging is part vocation, part diary, part social commentary, part experience sharing. Blogs like mine, and blogs like Jayne's where the blogger doesn't want to define themselves as mainly a parent, career person, hobbyist or social reformer but posts about all these things as a reflection of what they are interested in on the day or what their life experiences are bringing into focus for them in that moment?

Well, there is the 'personal blogger' label, but it is an unsatisfying label in that it suggests the writer isn't really interested in the public reading or commenting on their words. I have yet to meet a blogger who doesn't want anyone to read their writing or comment on it.

So, I was turning this problem over in my mind yesterday and in the end the words 'Slice of Life' kept asserting themselves in my mind. 'Slice of Life' novels and movies were very popular in the grungy 1990s. The idea of telling it like it is without necessarily having a point to convey but letting the consumer draw their own conclusions from the work, underpinned the 'Slice of Life' movement. Tell it the way it is experienced. Let it all hang out and allow the consumer to take from it what they need.

So, I'm going to start calling myself a 'Slice of Life' Blogger or a SOL Blogger (I like the word sol, it refers to the sun and slice of life blogs shed light on personal experiences and observations from life).

At the Bottom of the Garden

I've made a button, and if you want to put it on your blog just grab the life and go for it! If you have something to say on many topics, person and public, maybe you're a Slice of Life Blogger, too?


Jayne said...

Love it! Such a needed niche. I'm grabbing that button now. I've really decided the 'blogosphere' needs more eclecticism. LOVE this post x

Mrs Woog said...

I am a free range niche free blogger as well!

Rhianna said...

Oh I just love this!!! I can definitely relate to what you are saying here. I too am grabbing the button. Well done Sif

Sif Dal said...

Thanks so much for the support guys :D! Glad you enjoyed the badge!

Sarah said...

Perfect Sif - a Sol blogger describes exactly what I am - grabbing that button!!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Home at last, that's what I am. A slice of life. :)

Miss Cinders said...

"Free Range" Mrs Woog yep that says it all doesn't it.

Sif I'm with you babe! I know I blog alot about my kids, but I also blog about other things. I haven't got a niche. If it's in my head, it's on my blog :)

Shell Louise said...

Love it! I've grabbed the badge :)

spring days, new growth said...

Oh, yes, I think this might be me too! So far most of my posts are Wow or 5 sentence fiction pieces, but they all have in common the fact that I write from my experience and observation of life. So thanks Sif, I'll go grab your button too, and look at expanding my writings a bit!

Lee said...

Totally agree! And stealing your button. Thanks.

Veronica @ Mixed Gems said...

This might be me too!

T. said...

I know exactly what you mean. I often wonder where I fit in in the blogging world, since my posts are all so random. There is no specific subject to my blog. Love the idea of a niche for all of us random bloggers. May just grab the badge for myself.

Good Job!