Friday, December 02, 2011

Things I Know: About Shit Happening...

It's friday again, already! It's been a very busy week and another highly strung week, at that - but by now you're probably thinking what's new? So, here's a list of what I know about shit happening right now.

# Shit happens, no matter how much you prepare, plan, prevent, shit does, and will, happen eventually and you can't outsmart shit.

# Sometimes shit keeps happening for a while, sometimes it feels like shit is never going to stop happening.

# Shit happening can not only wear you down, but erode your faith in everything; yourself, others, humanity, the universe, God, everything.

# If enough shit happens, you will probably want to run away, escape, hide under your doona and sleep the days away, walk in front of a bus.

# If you manage to work through all the stages of shit happening, you will step out from the forest to a place where the sun shines on your face and makes you laugh at knowing there is nothing to do but ride the wave of shit - this is called the Zen of Shit.

# After yet another long day of shit happening you might realise you'd planned to put up the Christmas tree with the kids, but it's almost home-from-school time and the tree and all the decos are still out in the garage, and you might want to just forget about it, but then a little seed inside your heart will erupt and announce itself. It will whisper, 'Life has to go on, and the kids need a happy Christmas more this year than any year before now, so get off your sorry arse and get the tree and forget the shit that has happened and move on!'

# Yes shit happens, but when it happens you just have to scrape it off your shoe and keep walking. Keep walking away from the stench of the shit. Keep your eyes open and try to avoid stepping in more shit, but know that sooner or later shit will happen again, and that you will walk away from that shit, too.

# Adding my favourite Christmas song to photos of my gorgeous boys dressing the Christmas tree makes my heart sing!

The song is Mele Kalikimaka sung by Bing Crosby on his 1949 White Christmas album.

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Rhianna said...

Sometimes Sif I think that you have not only your shit but a also that of ten others. Sending love filled fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to keep at least a little of the shit at bay

Jess said...

Wise words Sif!You always say it well :-)

Sif Dal said...

Rhianna, to be perfectly honest, sometimes I'd agree with that assessment. While I was preparing the video for this post , the GOM took a call from his mum saying she's been having suspected minor heart attacks and was heading to hospital. So, now she's in hospital awaiting a stent operation. But this is exactly why we have to keep going, if we curl up and wait for it all to blow over, life would just come to a standstill. At this point in time ridiculous is the word that comes to mind.

Jess, thanks, I wish I had a lot more wisdom than I do!

Jess said...

Is that called *hindsight* Sif coz we'd all be wiser with that!
Honestly I loved what you said,it made me think yep time to push through instead of wallowing.
Just sometimes it seems that life is a constant fight & then it's not so easy to dust yourself down & plough on but that's what we have to do I guess.Onward & upward!
Love Jess xxxx

Mr B said...

Oh god, wishing some happy times and goodluck for you all. And that song always makes me smile as I think of the Griswalds, lol

Lee said...

Far out Sif, hope things are on the improve and your MIL is okay. Xx

Mr B said...

How is your MIL today Sif ?

Sif Dal said...

We went to visit her this afternoon and she looks completely normal - which she did the last time we visited her when she was having several attacks a day and just not saying anything to us. She's having an angioplasty tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully that will give us a clearer picture of what is actually happening inside and what course of action to take next. Today she was talking about going home as soon as she'd done the four hours laying flat on her back that she has to do after the angioplasty... I wonder what the doctors would have to say about that!

Janelle said...

Belated comment- Sif you are so right, and I love your attitude! Sometimes you want to shake your fist at the universe, and that's ok, but eventually you have to just keep on truckin'.

Good Job!