Sunday, January 01, 2012

Hello 2012, You Sexy Thing!

... as The Doctor would say!

Can't help but feeling a little bit sparkly today... It's ingrained in my personality. I just love new things. I love the first page of a new exercise book. The first time I use new sheets... Oh, and the first day of a new year - can't you just feel the possibilities stretch out in front of you?

Today I've joined a photo a day challenge over at FatMumSlim. I've created a page (up there under the header of this blog) and have already posted today's photos. It's all part of my 'taking life as it comes' approach to 2012. While this is a month long commitment and I can't guarantee I'll follow through (because, you know, I'm just taking every day as it comes and not trying to have expectations), I thought taking some time out each day to focus on just one thought might help ground me a bit.

So, what am I doing on this very first day of 2012? Well, I'm going to continue crocheting an afghan I started last week. I'm really doing it! I'm really crocheting an afghan! I've thought and talked about crocheting one for years. Watching Roseanne reruns in 2011 spurred me on - remember the afghan on the back of the Connor's couch?

Well, my mum made one of those way back in the 70s, when they were all the rage. I'm not a huge fan of the classic black bordered afghan, but have wanted to make an afghan all the same and finally, finally found a pattern I like at Attic24... Here's mine so far...

I haven't written out a colour pattern or anything, I just work out the colours for each hexagon as I go along because I want it to be fairly random. I love that this pattern allows me to attach each hexagon as I go along, no stitching the hexagons together at the end. I'm almost a quarter of the way finished.

What are you doing on the first day of this very attractive new year?


Mr B said...

I love the rug so far, and am jealous of anyone that can crotchet :-) Did you watch the Dr Who Proms on TV just now..?

Sif Dal said...

Not then (I was crashed out after little sleep last night), but I imagine it was for all the reruns they're doing on ABC to tide people over until the new season finally begins in September, the perfect opportunity for people to catch up on Doctor Who brilliance!

Sif Dal said...
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Janelle said...

Sif that is the most beautiful afghan I've ever seen!

Good Job!