Friday, January 20, 2012

Things I know: Random things from this week...

Unfortunately, due to an accident, Kelly at The Good, The Bad & The Unnecessary is not able to host Things I Know this week - but she'll be back next week, so don't forget to join in then!

As I had a few things I know this week, I thought I'd do a post anyway :).

I know...

1.  The school holiday's seem to be moving very quickly this year. I think there are two reasons for that. The first is this house is busting at the seams with technology (well, more than ever before, anyway) and I haven't been putting many limits on them, so the kids are constantly occupied (and for the most part actually getting along and having fun together!). I have random 'tech free' days when I feel they haven't gotten enough vitamin D and I throw those in here and there - those days do move more slowly, I'll admit. The second reason is that this year there have been playmates with friends and staying in contact with friends over the net, so the kids haven't been as isolated as in previous years - which makes everyone happier.

2.  As I was helping a friend move a wardrobe to her old house's nature strip yesterday, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude to her for letting me help her move. This may seem odd because most people will agree that moving sucks. Cleaning sucks, too. It's a lot less sucky when it's not you who is actually moving because at the end of the day you can go back to your home where you know where everything is and you don't have to pick your way around boxes, and you don't have to worry about getting windows cleaned and the oven cleaned before handing keys in... However, my sense of gratitude was overwhelming none-the-less because she was allowing me to be of use to her. I have had friendships in the past where I'm constantly the receiver of help and simply not allowed to be helpful. One friendship in particular was like that. The other person was constantly 'rescuing' me, being my 'saviour', but whenever she was facing challenges and I asked her how I could help, she just wouldn't let me. She'd take assistance for plenty of other people, but not me. I could never repay her for helping me, and I could never be in a position of usefulness to her. Even to the point that she once blogged that she felt I'd abandoned her as a friend (which I hadn't at that stage, though later I did because it was just all too hard) and after all she'd done for me... So, yesterday I felt enormous gratitude to my friend for being allowed to be useful to her; to be a friend and not a charity project. Allowing other people to help you is sometimes a gift of self-respect that you can give them - what a wonderful gift!

3.  Related to the last point... I know I have aching muscles I'd forgotten I had! And, I know I had no problem getting to sleep last night. I know both these things have made me very happy this morning (evidently, I'm a bit masochistic - really though, being physically active is very good for the soul!).

4.  Thanks to a generous hand-me down of uniforms, my boys will have logo shirts and even long sleeved polos (for the first time) this year and this is very serendipitous for us!

5.  Dishes don't wash themselves - no matter how hard you wish they would...

6.  When someone else's child says I'm an 'Epic Mum', it makes my day (oh, yeah, I'm that shallow)!

7.  The Grumpy Old Man just got back from a GP appointment for a change in pigmentation on his face and has a referral to a dermatologist. The GP said he didn't necessarily think it was anything sinister and suspects it will go away in the next three weeks, but as the wait for the dermatologist appointment is likely to be about six weeks, it's better to be safe than sorry... The funny thing is the dermatologist is the same one we've seen for our eldest's psoriasis as well as for my own a few years ago... He's almost a family friend, and we're probably more excited about meeting him again than worried about any possible melanoma.

8.  I have to go grocery shopping - man, I hate grocery shopping. I especially hate grocery shopping during the holidays when a) I have to take my kids and b) everyone else in the supermarket will have their kids in tow as well... But we've got to eat and a big shop once a fortnight is much more cost effective that shopping every day...

9.  I was inexplicably overjoyed last night when I heard that the original Yellow Wiggle (Greg) is rejoining The Wiggles! Go Greg!!! I might even allow Ari to watch The Wiggles now, hahaha!

10. There are so many things I want to do; write, read, study, crochet... but I'm so, so tired all the time at the moment. Insomnia is kicking my butt and I need to get it under control - somehow.

11. I'm loving all this medium warm weather we're having in Melbourne at the moment, I want summer to go on for ever and ever!

What do you know?


Me said...

I now exactly how you feel about people not letting you help - it is so good to be able to do for others. I also posted TIK even though it wasn't organised like normal - it just felt right (and I was battling to think of what to write about !!)

Rhianna said...

I know that I think it is totally wrong dishes don't wash themselves

Sif Dal said...

Oops, didn't respond to these comments - so sorry, didn't mean to ignore them!

Me - Because I'm legally blind and don't drive, I've leaned on a few friends for lifts here and there over the years. I try not to depend on friends too heavily and have travelled many hours on public transport to visit people and attend playgroups with up to four children in tow. But, yes, I have often been in the position of asking assistance of people and not being able to repay in kind at all. It has impacted my self-esteem to varying degrees over the years. I have often felt I had less to offer in friendship because of this. So, for me to be able to really help my friends from time to time is a big deal. I feel equal in the friendship, I feel as if I have something of value to offer instead of e'er being the person asking for help.

Some people possibly feel they are doing other people a favour by not letting them put themselves out to help, but unwittingly they send the message 'I don't need you, there is nothing you can offer that would ease my stress'. Being in a position of always being the person needing help is an inferior position where it difficult to maintain self-respect. Sometime being a good friend means allowing another person to have a sense of self-respect through being useful.

Rhianna - it's totally wrong! I dream of the day when I have room in my kitchen for a dishwasher!!!

Good Job!