Tuesday, February 14, 2012

10 Things Tuesday: 10 Inspiring Bits of Crochet!

I'm neither 'hip', nor 'with it' - in fact, just using those terms probably proves this point perfectly.

I do have a Pinterest account, but sadly I'm just not sure how to use it... So, I collect inspiring images the old fashioned way... By Googling them. Lately I've been Googling crochet images a lot. I saw a blanket on Google images a while back that I loved, but because I don't use Pinterest, I didn't pin it, and now I have no idea where I saw it.

It was a blanket where the design, although all done in granny squares, created an optical illusion of wiggly lines or distortion... I've approximated the design on an app I have on my iPad... It looks something like this (from memory)...

So, anyway, I thought I'd share some images I will pin once I figure out how to use Pinterest properly...

#1 The only way I could warm up to a tank... This practice is known as 'yarn bombing' (and not because they've covered a tank in yarn...).

#2 Love these - I'd use different colours...

#3 I just love the shape of these!


#4 Very simple but very effective!

#5 It's the last two rows of this blanket which inspire me - I do love gradients!

#6 Again, I'd used different colours, but what an effect!


#7 More triangle love!

#8 Yes, I know it's very light, you know I wouldn't do it in this colour though...


#9 Crazy crochet patchwork blankets intrigue me, but I like them best in tonal colour options...


#10 But the most inspiring of all to me at the moment...

Isn't it just devine??? I want to make this in to a bedspread, so I might not make it quite this bright (though it won't be white either!)...

What's inspiring you at the moment??? Any crochet inspirations you want to share with me, I'd love see them!

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Rhianna said...

That last one is my fav though they are all great. As for my crochet inspiration? It is you of course!!!

Good Job!