Saturday, February 11, 2012

My interesting day - and my new toy...

My new baby, I call her Sexy!

Yes, I got an iPhone 4s. I was going to hold out for the 5, but then I discovered my previous phone (n.k.a Ari's new iPod) was a 3g, not a 3gs as I had believed when I bought it. The 3g was not able to update to the new iOS5, which is fine because really I could live without all the new bells and whistles for a while. but it also meant that developers stopped making their app updates compatible with the old 3g. A lot, let me repeat that, a lot of my apps were dying a slow, painful (for me anyway) death...

And so I started looking into getting the new phone.

Previously, I'd bought my phone outright and been on prepaid. This suited me because I could really tailor my call costs and broadband access to my actual needs. However, buying a new phone outright was well outside the budget.

Most plans were also outside the budget, I have to say.

But then...

Then one day I found my home broadband shaped (for those who don't understand that concept, this means that one day my usually passably fluid internet connection started to move like a snail through molasses, ugh!). It was at the end of the summer holidays when - with all the kids at home - our daily broadband usage had crept up enough to slide over the upper limit. It was incredibly frustrating because - as you can probably guess - I rely heavily on net access. I do and I'm not ashamed of this fact, so ner!

So, I called out provider and found out that as it had been a considerable time since we last looked at our usage, both on the phone and the internet, there was new bundle which would not only quadruple our broadband access, but also give free local and std calls and free calls to mobiles on our network. All this would come at a stable monthly cost somewhat below what I was putting in the media utility each fortnight!

That freed up money for me to go on a plan for a new phone. In fact, considering what I was already spending each month on my prepaid ($30 including $10 for 200mb of data), we'd even be a couple of dollars better off!

Woot! A lovely new toy at no extra cost!

I'd been doing a lot of research over the past couple of days and this morning was the day I'd get the phone. Erik and I trotted off to the shop. I had butterflies because I haven't had great experiences with plans in the past, but I'm hoping that being more organised and working to a strict budget will make this much easier this time.

A girl came to serve us. She asked for my licence. I said I didn't have one. She asked if I had a passport (coz, you know, people always have their passports on them...). I said I didn't. She looked at me with a doe-eyed confusion which did not inspire me with confidence. I told her I had a working with children check card, and a keypass. I explained I didn't have a licence because I'm legally blind. Legally blind people use mobile phones too, surely there had to be a way around this. She went to her supervisor. She came back and asked if I had any proof I was legally blind. I gave her my vision impaired travel pass.

Apparently, that made everything okay. I'm not sure how!

So, then she starts filling out my forms, asking for address etcetera. Then she says, 'Now I'm going to get a bit personal.' I'm like, 'Okay?' She says, 'Actually, I'm going to get very personal, I hope you don't mind?'

Honestly, right about here I thought she was going to ask me what kind of underwear I was wearing. I wondered how I might explain this to my twelve year old...

Then she says, 'My dad was diagnose with cancer last year, and he has a really big tumour pressing on his brain and he's gone almost completely blind since Christmas, I was just wondering, do I need to go to Centrelink to get one of these travel passes?'


Suddenly, I had this immense feeling of kismet. This girl was obviously struggling with the devasting news about her dad and she wasn't really sure how to proceed to get him the help he needed. So, I told her about the travel pass and about the M40 taxi card and about making sure she got a case worker for a her dad through Centrelink and also going to Vision Australia (which she had, but hadn't stayed long, just picked up some pamphlets).

And then something else happened that just made me laugh.

Loud and clear the following song started to play over the speakers... Only my favour George Michael song, ever!

Those who know me well know that whenever a George Michael song comes on, I take it as a sign that I am in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing... There is no better confirmation than this song - my favourite song!

But the strange happenings had not finished for the day...

The girl said it would take approximately half an hour for my number to be transferred from my old phone to my new phone. By the time I got home, two hours later, it still hadn't transferred. So, I called the shop... And as I put on Facebook...

So, I got the iPhone 4s today... Yeah, yeah, I know... Anyway, the service hadn't changed over from my old phone to my new one within half an hour as promised. So, I called the shop up to see if there was an issue and a CUSTOMER answered the phone and say, 'Love, you really don't want to get anything from this shop; the service is bad and the staff are rude. Good bye!' and then she hung up on me!!!
So, when I finally got through to them, I let them know what had happened - thereby relaying this customer's obvious discontent!

What a strange day!!!

Ari is happy though - he has a new iPod!

Yeah, I still have to refine using the camera properly...


Tabs said...

Lovely story. And lucky Ari!

Mobile phones on a plan are like a bonus Xmas present - you get a brand spanking new toy just for paying the same amount of money per month that you were going to pay anyway. Last time we updated we ended up being $20 better off per month PLUS having a spanking new toy.

Sif Dal said...

Wow, that's good, Tabs. I was told I'd be eligible for an upgrade at the end of next year - nice Chrissy present!

bek said...

Yay for new phone :D Would you do a review post at some stage? I'm babying my 3GS atm (battery is shot, slow and laggy because old etc) til I can afford a new phone, currently tossing up between another iPhone or something like the Samsung Galaxy S2 (and hilarity has been the raging Apple and Google fankids).

Sif Dal said...

I can do a review in comparison with the 3G, but the difference between the 3G and the 4s is much greater than between the 3GS and 4s - particularly with regard to the camera. I know nothing about the 4s versus the galaxy, though I found you tube reviewers suggesting the 4s is better in terms of gadgets and the galaxy is better in term of phone use (meaning clearer I think). Some nokias have a better camera than the 4s is something else I've heard... But yeah, I can review it just as soon as Telstra gives me some Next G service!!! Gah'

bek said...

Usage review would be nice if you don't have anything to compare with :)

Sif Dal said...

No worries, will do - have service now, yay!

Anonymous said...

Where have I seen that face before...? :D

Can't wait to see you - only 10 sleeps... :D

Love, Mum

Good Job!