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Spray: where I found my place...

Woot! It's back to Write on Wednesdays (yeah, I know today is Thursday, but the linky is open all week, so I'm taking some liberty with the whole 'Wednesdays' thing. I haven't written for this group for ages. The group had a bit of a break (read: write at will from prompts) over the summer holidays and so did I, but with the kids going back to school tomorrow - seriously, these holidays have been so short! - I thought it best to kick my own butt back into gear.

I know many of my readers don't come here to read my flash and short fiction pieces, so if this isn't your thing (if you're more into searching my blog for tidbits of juicy-ness to pass onto your pals - stat counter pathways is an amazing tool for a blogger, seeing which sites readers follow links from is fascinating, hehehe!), then I'm cool with you skipping this one.

On the other hand, if you're a budding writer yourself - go for it! Click on the button below and link to your own piece of fiction, I'd love to read it!

Write On Wednesdays

So, here's the deal...

The Write on Wednesday Spark - The nature of place
Think about a place in nature that feels special to you. Perhaps it is somewhere you visited as a child. Or maybe you share a special outdoor space with your own children. This place, this space will be your prompt for this week's writing exercise. Write about a particular natural geography, a natural place or space close to your heart. Tell us about the weather, the landform , the creatures who live there, what the place means to you and why. You can write prose fiction, poetry, non-fiction and/or a photographic narrative. You might mix the landscape with a personal story. Wherever the prompt take you...Let us peak into your place. 

Keep your post on the short side: up to 500 words OR a 5 minute stream of consciousness exercise. Link your finished piece to the list and begin popping by the other links. Oh and enjoy.

The linky will be open each week from Monday to Friday. If you are playing the game, try to visit the other linkers, at least three of four would be nice. Encourage, critique and support your fellow writers.

This week I've decided to write a reflection, so none of the following is fictitious. As I wrote this, I realised I live too far from water - not just water, but from the sea. Although moving isn't an option, I think when the Grumpy Old Man gets his licence, we will definitely need to make some trips to the sea!

This photo is not of the place I'm describing, in fact
this photo is taken in Greece - a place I've never
been to. However, this beach is not dissimilar to the
one I remember. image credit


As a girl, I had a place I liked to go when I needed to feel the forces outside my body storming with more strength and fury than those within my body. I recently looked this place up on an internet satellite but couldn't find it where I remember it being. I wonder if it an amalgam of my memories. Perhaps a collage of the many wild places of my childhood up in the arctic circle.

I remember the place, a small nook within a fjord; a pebble beach surrounded by craggy outcrops where the sea would crash against rocks and spray salty mist onto my face. I remember the place as constantly shrouded in dark clouds, but I'm sure the sun must have shined there sometimes as it was only accessible during summer. 

In winter, the snow lay thick and white on the rocks making them too treacherous to navigate. During winter I would miss my visits and long for the snows to melt. I often dreamed about this place. I still do.

So, I only visited my thinking place in the summer months.

As I reflect on this place, I wonder if the clouds and winds and spray wasn't simply Mother Nature reflecting my own turmoil back at me as a mother does with a small child to help the child understand their own feelings. A 'You're feeling very frustrated right now, I know' on a grand scale.

In the careful caresses of Mother Nature, I would lay out my warring emotions and come away from that place feeling clearer and calmer having deposited my fears and frustration on the volcanic rocks to be washed out into the Atlantic. My wounds were healed by the briny spray in on the rocks in the crook of her arms.

I would watch seabirds float on the air currents above me and let my spirit be carried a distance with them. I would follow a wave as it billowed along its path, crashing into a clean white froth on the shore. The light, soft spray would cool my angry hot cheeks leaving a thin crust of salt that tightened my skin.

I always felt an awe for the forces around me, and yet I felt utterly connected to them as an extension of my own person, except with all the wisdom of ancient experience. I felt a deep feeling of belonging, of being watched over and cared for by forces beyond my comprehension. I felt small and immense all at once in my thinking place.

It was in that place that my understanding of the universe formed. It was there that formal religion fell away for me, exposing my naked soul and connecting it directly with the pure energy all around me.

I long for that place whenever I need a balance to the wilderness raging inside me. I visit that place in my dreams, even now.


danneromero said…
Thank goodness for dreams. Ah, I love the spray of the ocean. Nice write.
Feisty Cat said…
"The light, soft spray would cool my angry hot cheeks leaving a thin crust of salt that tightened my skin." I loved this line. And I loved that, throughout this piece, nature mirrored and heightened your own emotions, but you said it so much better than me. Well-written.

--Feisty Cat
Anonymous said…
Who wouldn't want to read your writing - it's ace! Jen
Stephanie said…
"I would watch seabirds float on the air currents above me and let my spirit be carried a distance with them" What a beautiful scene of bliss you created! The descriptions are breathtaking. I want to visit this place!
InkPaperPen said…
I am so very pleased to have you back, it's always a pleasure to read your writing, Sif.

I liked (and could relate to) the idea of taking comfort in a place that is more storming than inside your body. And Mother Nature reflecting your own feelings as a mother does to her child - this struck a chord with me.
Janelle said…
I adore this piece Sif! You should write more personal reflections. I've never thought about the ocean this way before, as a symbol of your own emotions, and a place where you can be cleansed and released of them. Brilliant writing.

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