Whoa, my blog's become a dead zone...

Hello? Is anyone out there? Hello?


I think I've been very boring off late...

Either that, or everyone is having a spectacular life - are you having a spectacular life? Tell me about it! No, seriously, I want to know - comment to your hearts content about your spectacular life, pleeeeease!

You see, I just realised something... The Grumpy Old Man, as grumpy and old as he is, well, he fills a very important need in me which is currently (for the past 50 odd hours) not been filled. No, not that, put your manners back in...

He's the constant adult voice in my life.

It's taken about 50 hours for me to really begin to miss not having grown up conversations. Conversations which don't centre around axes, remotes, farts or who's turn it is to clean up the bedroom/livingroom/kitchen...

This is about when Facebook and Twitter should really be coming into their own, but for some reason they just aren't doing it for me. I can't quite managed an in to conversations already in progress and I've discovered - to my horror - that I have absolutely nothing interesting to say. And by nothing interesting, I mean, if someone else posted my thoughts, I'd probably unfollow them out of sheer boredom.

Oh, the humanity!

When did I get so boring?

I keep thinking that if I can blog something fascinating, something that really inspires people or gets them thinking... Hell, if I could even get people debating... Then I might solve this little problem of the crickets...

I don't believe in feminism : discuss!

Nah, been there, done that, can't help it that I think it's a middle class, predominantly white bourgeoisie (that's a tautology, I know) pre-occupation bent of keeping women from actually just being equal instead of looking for all the ways in which they are not equal enough... Most people will disagree and (probably wisely) walk away from such a statement.

I had so much more to say when I was more idealistic. Now, I can't be bothered with ideals because they're impossible to achieve.

Brings to mind the saying, 'If you don't stand for something, you are more likely to fall for anything.'

I loathe sayings like that. They're mostly provocative and far too easy to dismiss because of the inherent flaws in their logic.

And again this week I saw a poster on Facebook with a picture of Whitney Houston on one side and, presumably, starving children in Africa on the other side and the caption 'One person dies and millions cry, but millions die and no one cries'... Provocative and ultimately useless and hateful.

So, now I don't stand for much, I don't fall for much, but I'm terribly, terribly boring, and I'm desperate for some grown up conversation - even if it's just about the weather!



Anonymous said…
I have nothing to say either. I've probably never commented on your blog. Long time lurker, first time commenter. I enjoy reading your blog and I wish I had something even half way exciting to say. But I don't. Bye =)
Sif said…
LOL, well, thank you for taking the time to post a comment saying you had nothing to say either. First of all, it's nice to know it's not just me. Secondly, I really appreciate comments!!! So, thank you!
Lyndal said…
i thnk there are lots of crickets in blogland lately...!! hang in there... :) I'm just blaming it on the weather.. which has been a bit of a hissy fit throwing toddler of late.. or something.
Sif said…
Oooh, maybe blogs have had their day and we'll all have to returns to talking to ourselves again! What a scary thought!
Hi Sif! nah you're not boring! You're very insightful in fact.

I think lots of people are busy. Back to school and the new year have taken it out of many people I know, me included.

all is well and so is your slice of life luvvie. xxx
I've been heating crickets too so I guess I'm boring as well! :)
Sif said…
Gemma, you're probably right on the money, but I guess it's natural to look to oneself when things go a bit quiet on the blog front, hey?

Jess, you're never boring! You Vlog! I wish I had the guts to do that, hahaha!
My 2c I hear crickets too unless I am giving away stuff , deserted by friends and enemies alike. I am boring too ...can you start a rumour or something.
I don't mind being boring so much as I miss my friends.
I agree it is probably a bit of the back to school rush.
Sif said…
Hmmm, seems to an epidemic! I know I click through fromlinks on ztwitter more than anywhere else...
I click through from Facebook mo than anywhere else now, sometimes twitter and other times linkys.
Anonymous said…
I have never really commented on a blog before , there is always a first time. I read your blog regularly and enjoy it because you are very honest about life - the good and the not so good.

I first came across your name from your homeschooling days and have followed you on and off.

I really love reading about things that challenge your ideals and how you deal with them.

So there you go. My first blog comment :)
Sif said…
Trish, ah, see we all have our preferences! More than one way to promote, hey?

Anonymous (2), YAY! Thanks for commenting! Wow, homeschooling days were a while ago! I just heard that one of my boys friends (who is homeschooling for his final year of primary) might also be homeschooling (via a correspondence coure through Yea highschool) for highschool... i keep wondering if any of mine will want to learn from home again - maybe Ari? Who knows!
Hi Sif. Commenting has slowed down on my blog as well (and people reading it) ie unless they read it in Google Reader. I think some people are only capable of reading 140 characters at any one time.

Anne xx
Sif said…
Anne, LOL, maybe we should all run a 'comment in '140 characters' challenge so everyone will know we don't really mind if the comments are short - as long as they're relevant!
bek said…
You're not boring.

I also have precious little to say. Your blog is at least easy to comment when I do want to. I tend to not comment on blogs that use things like Disqus and IntenseDebate coz they're a right pain to comment on :)