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Why I prefer KRudd...

My twitter stream is full of KRudd hating. People think he's smug and a whiner. I hear the majority of Australian's would still prefer him, but I don't have those people on my twitter stream.

I don't fancy myself any kind of politically aware person. What I do fancy myself is a keen observer of people, of personalities, of what motivates people. As a writer, I'm always watching people and over the years I've discovered I have a very good bullshit radar.

Twenty months ago, Julia Gillard was manipulated through pride into the position of deposing Kevin Rudd. I will not go as far as to say she was a complete innocent in the matter - there is no doubt in my mind that Julia is a woman with a sharp mind.

At the time my twitter stream was full of 'Go Julia! Finally a woman Prime Minister! KRudd didn't deliver, Julia will!'

In the intervening months I've seen much disappointment over Julia's failure to deliver things she never promised in the first place (gay marriage for one). There have been quite a few people who have said perhaps Kevin would do better...

So now we have the big upheaval of another caucus vote and questions over who will lead the Labor party as of Monday. I'm not here to say who it will be. I know Rudd doesn't have the numbers in the caucus despite polls of the people suggesting he is their preferred Prime Minister (and even then there are big questions about how accurate these polls are - they certainly don't reflect my left-leaning twitter stream, as I say)...

All I can say is who I would prefer, and why.

I would prefer Kevin and this why...

Yes, he is smug. The man can't keep that smirk of his face, he is loving the attention, he is loving the people power, he is loving that finally he is making Julia and her backers nervous. He is a bitter man and has been for a while.

smug kevin

The thing is, I'm bitter, too, so I get how he feels. I think, quite possibly, a lot of Australian's a bitter at the moment.

The other thing Australian's are is supporters of the underdog. By deposing Rudd after he signed the Kyoto agreement, after he apologised to the Stolen Generation, the faceless men created a sympathetic underdog - and one who holds grudges. They created their own worst enemy.

I have had ideals and wanted to make great changes and sometimes made mistakes and been judged far too harshly and far too prematurely, only to be proven right down the track, when the shit has hit the fan.

I get how he feels.

Meanwhile, Julia is PR managed to the hilt. I'm sure she had very strong emotions on many topics but she is a master of the poker face and the impassive mask and I don't trust that - she is a politician, after all.

Poker-face Julia

Rudd is no god, he is no saviour, he is no saint. However, he is quite transparent in his motivations and his feelings and so he is a known quantity.

Julia is much more a person to play her cards close to her chest.

Actually, the fact she has come out and personally attacked KRudd has lessened my dislike and mistrust of her because now she's showing all I have sensed lay beneath the mask. Still, it's too little emotion, too late.

I don't necessarily want a Prime Minister who is completely rational. Rationalism lacks humanity. Humanity is passionate and far from flawless.

KRudd is not cuddly and doesn't give me the warm-fuzzies. I wouldn't have him as a friend because he seems like a man who's single focus is for self-actualisation. However, there isn't much that is hidden about him and he has the ability to be humble and to admit getting things wrong, even if it is a rare occurrence. Whereas Julia believes in her own sanity and rationality - a character trait I cannot fully trust.

In the end, if Julia holds her position on Monday, I believe she will probably lead Labor to defeat. Labor will elect a new Opposition Leader and Kevin will be waiting in the wings. Ultimately, he has nothing to lose at this point and to some degree he can thank the faceless men for helping him become the underdog and creating the perfect 'what if...' situation.


Amy said…
I agree Sif!

What gets me with all this is Julia and her getting things done statements. Yes, she has gotten things done, but she was also one of the people who leant on KRudd not to push through with the mining tax and carbon pricing. And also her statements about this not be a popularity contest is contradictory. They used KRudds falling polling figures to oust him from the top job in 2010.

As you say, with KRudd you at least know where you stand, but with Julia and her poker face, you just wonder what lie she is going to come out with next.

If things stay the same Labor will no doubt be slaughtered at the next election and Julia will only have herself to blame.
Linda said…
See, I think a good way to judge a person is to see how they treat those "below" them. I think Kevin has shown that he regularly abuses people that serve him and work for him.
He screams slimeball for me I'm afraid.
They are all pushy politicians out for themselves and I don't think Julia is any different but I prefer her over Kevin anyday.
Sif said…
Amy, I couldn't agree with regard to getting things done. The carbon tax is a compromise of the worst kind and the so-called education reform is utter rubbish (and I thought it was utter rubbish under Rudd as well - and I'm coming at this with all my knowledge of education from doing my M.Ed research).

Julia is not a social reformer - she is all about the economics, and while economics is important (and Rudd got this; I still firmly believe he got us through the GFC with his ability to project economic patterns), he was also keenly aware of social reform needs and ethics reform.

Linda, yes, he was an autocrat and like most perfectionists and control freaks, he mistrusted other people's ability to understand and act with his own precision. He has also acknowledged that he needed to listen more. While Julia may do well with keeping more people happy more of the time, she is perhaps too concerned with being liked and being diplomatic and this leads to a sense that she is not her own person so much as a puppet being micromanaged by others. I sense she is being used.
Sif said…
Amy, that should say, I couldn't agree MORE...

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