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Home, even sweeter home!

Well, hi there!

Not as many visitors to the blog today after all the commotion yesterday - I totally get that, of course, the drama of a possible fifth baby does whip people into a refreshing frenzy!

Jacob wasn't the only new arrival to our house yesterday - though he was absolutely the cutest!

We were also in receipt of a lot of new - to us - furniture!

As I've mentioned before, my parents have sold their house and are downsizing and so needed to get rid of everything! They had a couple of garage sales and did really well on both, but they also saw the opportunity to help us out in a BIG way by letting us have a considerable amount of their furniture - which meant we could sell a lot of our own furniture and sort out some finances! We cannot adequately express our gratitude!

I was over the moon at their extremely generous and helpful offer, not only because it has allowed us to breathe just a little, but also because my parents have the BEST taste and I have often admired their furniture choices!

So, I thought I'd share photos of our new set up!

I just ADORE this cabinet and hutch! Turns out I had the perfect cloth and basin to stand on it too! This photo was taken before I put the shelves in it. When I did that I noticed mum had crocheted a fringe for edge of each shelf! Love, love, love this idea!

Notice the headlight window design? It's a tulip...

Can you see what is cut out of the back of each of the dining chairs? That's right, a tulip! It's this kind of attention to detail that I really love about my parents choices! My step-dad made the dining room table - it weights a TON! It also matches the coffee table he built for us when Erik was a baby!

I have a sleigh bed, a sleigh bed!!! Oh, and bedside tables - we've never had proper bedside tables before, with actual drawers and everything. A couple of weeks ago we got rid of the two folding tables we bought at the Reject Shop back in 1998 to use as beside tables...

The bookshelf with doors mean the Grumpy Old Man's precious books (and possibly cds/dvds later this week) will finally be safe from Ari's curious little hands! At the end of the bed the entertainment unit is now a charging station and a stand for the mini-stereo! Finally a place to play and listen to music (where little fingers can't get at the knobs and wreck the sound system) - only took 8 years!

Looky, looky, looky! An upside down fridge which can actually store food for a growing family of six! When we transferred the food from the other fridge/freezer, this one still looked empty!

I have very high hopes for this 8kg washing machine! It's going to be big enough to get us ahead on the washing and it's going to be so much more economical to run, too!

We have our own grandfather clock! It chimes and everything! Mum kept worrying that the chiming would bother us, but we love it!

Having this furniture here has helped Jacob settle in as well, I think. We've inherited a number of cushion mum embroidered and he want to snuggle up to those.

Also, not pictured is a rocking chair and a hall table (which you can see part of in the background of the grandfather clock picture). There are picnics and bits of pottery and wall hangings... And the old photo albums jam packed with embarrassing photos from way back when.

So, right now I'm feel very blessed and somewhat overwhelmed as well! I feel like I finally have the sort of house I've been trying to work towards for years!


All absolutely gorgeous furniture. Your parents have fantastic taste! You are so lucky!! Now off to read about the baby business I apparently completely missed!
Nic said…
Looks beautiful Sif !
Ýr said…
You have done a wonderful job arranging everything! :D

What a great idea for the entertainment unit!

And I like the way you have turned the table! Clever use of space! :D

Vow! :D

Love, Mum
Sif Dal said…
Thanks guys!

Mum, we sat at the table last night - Dave and one end, me at the other - and just about had to send smoke signals! It's so long! Hung Afi's stitch work over the dresser this morning, looks fantastic there!

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