Friday, May 11, 2012

FFS Friday - Because I can, again...

Did you see this article today (if not, you need to get out from under that rock more often)... The one about being 'mom enough' to breastfeed a three year old? They used this photo...

When they had available to them, this image...

Or this one...

Or even this one...

I guess those other photos just wouldn't have gotten people as riled up... Wouldn't have garnered as many 'That should be illegal!' and 'That's sick!' comments those of us who breastfeed our older small children just love to hear so much... Bottom line, they wouldn't have gotten as much attention for Time Magazine... FFS!

The economic crisis has hit the school yard. The annual Mother's Day stall has crept up in price from 'Up to $5' to 'Between $5 and $10'... Times that by three children and Mother's Day is costing me the bomb this year... FFS!

Reality TV should have been drowned at birth like a baby rodent, but some asshat took pity on it and now - several torturous years and many school 'Masterchef's (don't even get me started - food poisoning risk, anyone???) later - we're going to be served Lara Bingle for our viewing pleasure.  Way to encourage more book reading... FFS!

George Michael came out to Australia a couple of years ago and I didn't have any money to buy a ticket to go see him. He's coming out again (to do a concert in Australia, is what I mean) in November and, yep, I'm still broke and get to miss out - yay me... FFS!

People who drive just seem to refuse to understand that a 15 minute drive to a venue is actually a 1.5 hour trip on public transport, and so, going to an event which lasts two hours, and would take 2.5 hours out of a driving person's day, will take approximately five hours out of my day. Yes, that is too difficult for me to arrange, thank you very much for your consideration... FFS!

I sleep. I don't have babies who wake in the night. I get about 8 hours sleep a night these days (when insomnia is under control). Why am I exhausted all the time? FFS!

I knew there was something off with our water bill when we moved to this house two years ago and it skyrocketed from about $50 per quarter to almost $200 per quarter. I rang the company and said, 'This can't be right, we've never used this much water before, we've never been charged this much before.' They said our bill was 'normal'... I said to the Grumpy Old Man that there must be a leak somewhere. I said the dripping tap in the bathroom must be causing the extra water usage, he doubted it. Then six months ago, our bill blew out even more and suddenly it dawns on him the loo has been leaking into the bowl for as long as he can remember, but more so at that time. I can't see the leak - I rely on him to tell me this stuff. I got the real estate to send a plumber, he fixed the loo and the bathroom tap, and hey presto the last two bills have been around $60! In the past two years we've spent over $500 more than we needed to on water just dribbling away! FFS!

I live in fear of rejection so I don't pursue anything I really want to do - why is that??? FFS!

Whatever the Grumpy Old Man and I did to deserve 3.5 years of utter freaking frustration and thwartation (yes, that absolmalutely is a word!) is well and truly paid back now - so I expect to see a whole truckload of good things coming our way in the next few weeks! I expect to see a job for him and a licence and a car! I expect to see Erik getting into the school we're interviewing for. I expect to see me getting into a PhD at Deakin. I have very high expectations of the next little while. We deserve a break, we deserve several breaks! FFS!

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Janelle said...

FFS indeed! That Time cover has got me a bit riled up too, simply due to the stance they have the woman taking in the photo (interesting to see those other options which didn't make the grade) and the tagline combined. Admittedly, I haven't read the article within so I may be off-track, I'm reacting solely to the cover. What is the message here? I breastfed my daughter and am all for it, and for it to continue until either mother or child decides it's time to stop. But to me this photo says "GRRR, look at this strong woman. She is the ultimate Mum, because she's breastfeeding and she doesn't care what you think. Do YOU breastfeed your child? If not, then YOU'RE NOT MUM ENOUGH!" Too bad to those women who can't, have tried to death to make it work, or have chosen not to for their own reasons.
Yeah well sorry Time, you won't see your readership figures being driven up by little old me. The cover is enough, I ain't reading it!

Grace said...

Yeah, there's been quite a reaction to that Time magazine cover - and so there should be. It's bad enough reading all those celebrity magazines about how they all dropped that baby weight just like "that" and Miranda Kerr looking all sexy midst photo shoot while breast feeding and adding the caption, "Just another day at the office..." You'd think, think that TIME had more sense.
But alas, we are all wrong.
FFS, indeed !

GlossQueen said...

Time certainly got what they wanted with that cover, heaps of publicity. It annoys me the way people criticize how others parent. If the child isn't being abused then people should butt out.

Sif Dal said...

A week on and most of the furor seems to have died down, thank goodness! Thank you everyone for your comments!

Good Job!