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How to train your children for Mother's Day...

Yes, I know every day is Mother's Day and that the commercialisation of Mother's Day is akin to heresy, but let's face it, much of the year a lot of what we mum's do is taken for granted, and if we complain we're told we brought our pain on ourselves and we're not grateful enough for the blessing of having been able to bare children.

Believe me - we mum's, we know we're blessed - and, particularly when we gaze upon their sleeping faces, we are endlessly grateful for our little blessings.

That said, Mother's Day is - and in my humble opinion should be - a big deal! We are raising the next generation and we bare the burden of that responsibility!

So, today I'm going to share with you how I have trained my little people to take great care in showing their appreciation for me - because, you know, I think it is a very serious business raising children to appreciate the good things in their life, and goodness knows I'm topping that list. No seriously!

I've been building up over the years. I started out by modelling. I involved them in gift thinking-upping and gift seeking-outing and card making and so on for Father's Day and for their friend's birthdays and for Christmases.

I encouraged them in their first amateur steps at creating Mother's Day cards and gifts by being extremely proud and thankful for their bits of string glued to paper to represent me and them (and no, I'm not being sarcastic, I really did love those things).

I still carry the keyring Luey bought me at the Mother's Day stall when he was five and I still wear the bracelet Erik chose for me when he was nine. I drink from the cup emblazoned with the design Bryn created when he was four. I treasure those things and use them often so the kids can see me using them!

Last week I drilled the boys in 'What sort of things mum likes' at the dinner table. On their own they came up with:
  1. Candles
  2. Things with elephants on them
  3. Jewellry
  4. Flowers
  5. Wine (this last suggestion was Bryn's, bless his little cotton socks! I did point out he's not old enough to buy me alcohol yet, but it was a nice thought, and thoughts really do count [in tandem with action, of course].)
They are well versed in breakfast in bed - which is them tapping into cultural traditions because I'm really not someone who likes to eat when I first wake up - and they know not to bring it in before at least 11 am!

So, this, ahem, morning (just!), I was offered this...

Vegemite toast - spread thinly and to the edge, just the way I like it, plus coffee in my favourite, extra large cup, and flowers (I've been desperate to get pot plants into this house, and they've noticed, yay!).

My Mother's Day card was not your run-of-the-mill Mother's Day card - this card is significant because it's a Van Gough painting which was referenced in a Doctor Who episode featuring Vincent and is one of my all time favourite episodes!

And the gifts (the upside of having so many children!)... Okay, so the flower I've covered... The elephant with the plum/guava melt references my love of elephants and my recent discovery that elephants with their trunks lifted are considered lucky, it also references my love of sweet smelling melts and candlelight! Body lotion - who doesn't love body lotion, and it's scented with jasmine (my favourite floral scent) and green tea. Heart shaped cup measures - because I love to bake (and they love my baking and want more of it). Vouchers for back rubs and hugs and kisses all day, and doing jobs around the house speak for themselves. Two vouchers for facials, again, these speak for themselves. A pen because I can never find one! Two bling bling bracelets because I love jewellery. One has roses and four leaf clover, the other has hearts (each from a different child). And finally, from Bryn a pair of gardening gloves, a trowel and some tomato seeds - because even though I detest gardening, I've been saying for a long time that I'd like to grow my own veggies and this might just inspire me to do that! How thoughtful are they???

But that is not all...

After I had laid in bed for a bit longer I got up and Erik showed me what he'd been doing on Minecraft this morning...

The signs in the bottom picture say, 'From Erik, Lukas, Ari, Bryn and Dad'... 'Thanks for the being the best mum in the world'...

But, you know, I haven't just trained them [this well!] for my own benefit. Oh, no, no, no! I have done this for the benefit of future generations, for my daughters-in-law, and for all my boys' other friends and family, because a boy who can show thoughtful appreciation for his mother is more likely to be able to do it for the other significant people in his life!

This is my gift to the world! Enjoy!


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