Friday, May 18, 2012

My horse for a shovel!

I'm going to whinge - you have been warned!

I'm the person in this house who is legally blind, I'm also the person in this house who has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity (yes, not so sure about that bit) disorder.

So, why is it that everyone else in this house is a slob?

Now, usually, I don't like to have a go at the male of the human species, but when it comes to being a slob - at least in this household - it seems the Y chromosome trumps not being able to see dust until your knee deep in it and ADHD!

This morning I had to text a friend to say I'd be half an hour late for a coffee-get-together because I couldn't find a hair brush.

I hate being late! I work very hard at not being late. In fact, I often turn up far too early for things because I hate being late so much (yes, I also hate being kept waiting when others are late, just deal with it, okay)...

But I was late. Luckily this friend is very understand of people who run late and wasn't at all bothered. She kept living her life while I hunted high and low for the hairbrush. Me? I'd have been sitting there tapping my toe and mumbling about people who couldn't read clocks, but she's thankfully nothing like me in that regard.

So, back to the elusive hair brush. It wasn't under the two coats dumped on the dining table, or under the hoodie on the sideboard in the hall, or under the three garments on the chair in the study - what is with my menfolk and randomly discarding clothing around the house? It wasn't amongst the detritus which had found its way to behind the couch since I last cleared that space out last week.

It wasn't anywhere!

I was getting pretty mad.

I went back to the bathroom, but it wasn't amongst the toiletries on top of the cabinet next to the bath, and it wasn't on the sink. Exasperated I flung open the cabinet; the one place the brush actually belongs in the house but never seems to be, and of course, there it was... mocking me!

Someone, not me, had actually put it away properly and I was late for a coffee and spent forty minutes swearing under my breath because, in this house, finding something it is actual rightful place is so rare, I seriously didn't even think to look there!

It's all their fault, those Y chromosomians with their flagrant disregard for my need for visual order, I tell you!


Sarah said...

In my house we have a saying,' under everything there is something'.

We also say 'everything has its Place but that place is subject to change without notice' :-)

Sif Dal said...

Love those sayings, may have to adopt them!

Good Job!