Sunday, May 20, 2012

Totally Pinworthy: Flying Pigs!

You know what's not Totally Pinworthy?

My sieve of a brain!

Last night Amy at Mahlimoo, Me and Three asked readers on her blog's Facebook page, if they'd be linking up if she did another Totally Pinworthy. I, of course, said I'd absolutely be linking up - that's I'd, indeed, been looking for a blog Pinterest meme, and then summarily forgot all about my enthused response when I got up this morning and our house was a riot zone and then my brother came for a visit...

I was just relaxing with a coffee when a little alarm went off in my head. Don't you hate when you do this sort of thing - oh, you never do this sort of thing??? - well, I hate it.

So, here's my Totally Pinworthy topic of the week: Flying Pigs!

My mum, who's surname is Ham, started receiving a lot of pig statues from various people over the years of her marriage. Just recently when she and my step-dad downsized their living situation, she knew not to bequeath me the pig collection, but thought I might like her cast iron flying pig...

To be honest, at first I really wasn't sure... I'm born in the Chinese year of the pig, but well, that's about where my interest in pigs has always ended. But this flying pig has grown on me. I mean, aren't we all trying to make pigs fly, just sometimes. Flying pigs are a symbol of wish fulfilment, got to love that, right?

Mum recently pointed out that with the Grumpy Old Man's family name being Bird, a flying pig - or a 'ham bird' - is quite representative of our two families...

So, I've been on the hunt for other flying pigs, and here are some I thought were Totally Pinworthy!

This one would cost the bomb to have shipped here, but I love the recycled feel of it, and the cherries are delightful!

I'm a big fan of Steampunk (yeah, yeah, no surprise, being that I'm also a big fan of the modern Doctor Who series, I know)!

So, the pigs above and below are very Steampunk and therefore I love them!

Such a delicate flying pig - isn't she? And those impossibly small wings! Too cute!

And who doesn't need a flying pig covered in inspirational words? This one is on my must have - or perhaps even 'must make' list!

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Garden Centre said...

That thing is serious! I would put it smack into the middle of my edibles garden so there would be some structure there instead of just a big odd space! Gosh, it's really beautiful.

Garden Centre Attleborough

Actually Amy said...

They are some pretty serious flying pigs Sif! I think I love the black one the best! It has 'character'

I have been meaning to comment all week, I won't tell you how many times I have opened this page and them been distracted! Sorry for my tardiness!

Thanks so much for linking up x

Good Job!