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When in doubt - crochet!

I'm currently on day two of 'The week Sisyphus built!' (Sisyphus was that guy who was doomed by the gods to roll boulders up the top of a steep hill, only to have them roll down again, and have to start over each day)

Today the Grumpy Old Man had an interview for a job which may or may not turn out to be something like the job he applied for - confused? I don't blame you! He thinks he is in with a shot IF the TAFE in question is granted permission to have a diary and/or other publications for the rest of this year, otherwise the job will be aimed more towards an activities manager, in which case he has next to no experience. Now we play the waiting game. I hate the waiting game.

Tomorrow Ari has his 3.5 year old check where I will no doubt be asked which kinders I've applied for (the answer to which will be none so far) and then be on the receiving end of the, 'Oh dear!' exclamation because I'm such a neglectful and irresponsible parent, you know.

By the close of business tomorrow I also have to have posted of my submission to the Text Publishing Competition for this year. Couldn't enter last year because my manuscript was under submission - and then rejected without a letter (oh well). Considering I'm submitting that very manuscript with no real changes, I stand buckley's chance, but consider this an exercise of 'just do[ing] it!' because I so often don't.

Thursday is art school day for Erik - his last opportunity to fatten his folio before the highschool interview on Monday. It is also when I need to pick up my tee shirt for volunteering in the city for the Emerging Writer's Festival.

Now as if I didn't have enough on my plate, I've signed up to write 50 000 words in June, and so I have the next 60 hours or so to write up some sort of plan for this new novel (novel novel?), ha!

So, guess what I've been doing today... Well, exactly, nothing to do with any of the things I listed above. Of course!

When I'm a bit strung out or at loose ends or generally feeling in doubt about life and at odds with certainty, I craft.

In the past couple of days I've picked up a project I started in February, but then lost motivation to complete. At the rate I'm going I should finish it very soon, but in the meantime I thought I'd show you all a sneak peek!

Though it's not very clear from these photos, I'm crocheting a hexagon blanket (my favourite kind!), and the hexagons are white, light purple, dark purple and black.

Every now and then, in a random pattern, I throw in a red hexagon, just to break it up a bit.

I seem to be transitioning through colour stages in my life. When I was very young I loved yellow. In my teens it was green. Then in my twenties it was hot pink, in my early-to-mid thirties it was red, then in the last couple of years it's been purple, but just recently I'm back to green again, so while I adore this blanket, it is well and truly helping me work purple out of my system!

The next blank it bound to be in greens!

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Rhianna said…
Hope the week turns out to be much better than you expect.

Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to you xx
CraftyMummy said…
I can totally support the idea of "When in doubt, Crochet". In fact I'm feeling the need to crochet today to avoid all the other overwhelming things on my list! Thanks for backing up my plan!
Anon for now said…
This so resonates with me at the moment. I have a lot going in my life and head and recently learnt to crochet. It is the best me time and distraction. I am a newbie to crochet so I am on the boring granny squares. Your blanket looks amazing!
Sif Dal said…
Rhianna, thanks, I am very thankful he got an interview, it's been a long time since the last one - and between you and me I was punching the air at the fact he even applied for a grapho job because I sense that is really where his heart lies...

Craftymummy, crocheting (or knitting or sewing or whatever creative pursuit you fancy) is always my go to stress reliever! I gives me a sense of control and achievement while asking nothing of me that I'm not willing to give!

Afn, my next project (the green one) is going to be in the tried and true [giant] granny square - nothing wrong with the granny square!
I'm a newbie crocheter too - and I'm addicted! I just learnt last winter, and have just picked it up again now the weather has turned cooler. I'm having surgery on Friday and will then be housebound for a few weeks - yay for crocheting!!!!
Everyone is crocheting at the moment! I feel like I need to do it just fit in! :)
Love this blanket. I'm assuming you join all the little patches together?
Sif Dal said…
Footprints Australia - Yay for an excuse to crochet (I often take crochet or knitting with me places (uni lectures, meeting, yeah, I'm so rude!).

Jess - Yup, everythng is crocheted together. I love the tutorials at Attic24 blog (I've done quite a few of her projects now and find them really clear and easy to follow), that's where I learned to crochet squares/hexagons together as I go instead of all at the end.
JennaQuentin said…
Always so much life going on. Bon courage for June, and I hope that doctors always think I'm an irresponsible parent; best kind ;) I love the idea of crafting when in need. It does give the mind a rest!

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