Monday, June 04, 2012

Roller Coaster Riding!

This is probably my favourite scene from the movie Parenthood (which is one of my all time favourite movies).

This last week has been all about riding the roller coaster.

I was prepared for that, the anxiety of volunteering at the Emerging Writers' Festival, the Grumpy Old Man's job interview, getting the Text Publishing manuscript in before the deadline.

I actually thought it would all end with Erik's highschool interview this morning, but this week seems set to be another roller coaster ride.

This morning we went to the highschool we're hoping Erik will get into for next year. I'd heard good things about it and then checked it out online and was impressed with what I saw, but I was not prepared for what the interview would reveal.

I'm so glad I had an opportunity to speak with the principal a few weeks ago, which inspired me to get Erik into the local art course (which, of course, has now led to an exhibition which started on Saturday). Erik had art to show the principal and he asked Erik a lot of questions about what media he'd worked with and what sort of art he liked to do. This emphasis on a particular area of enthusiasm in Erik may just be what gets Erik a place offer.

At one point Erik was asked how he learns and he said he likes to learn in groups and that he's not a leader and likes to be told what to do. The principal asked him if he likes direction and Erik said he did. This concerned the principal a bit because the philosophy of the school is for students to be self-motivated and to take initiative. So, the principal might not feel that his school would be a great match for Erik based on that.

That said, we also spent a while with the enrolment officer (or whatever her title is) and she seemed to think that unless Erik had some major behavioural issues, he would most likely be offered a place.

Having seen the school in person now, Erik is just bursting with enthusiasm to go there (which he kept to himself while the principal and other staffer were around). The Grumpy Old Man wishes he could go back to school and go there.

I feel just awful because now I want Erik to go to this school more than ever and I just know I'll be devastated if he doesn't get an offer.

When we got home the Grumpy Old Man checked his email and found a rejection letter for the job he interviewed for last Tuesday. This probably means they didn't get funding to do a diary next year, but he can't find out because the lady he needs to ask is on leave for a week now. It's so disappointing that he didn't get that job, he really was perfect for the job that was originally advertised.

On Wednesday we have a house inspection. The house is just a wreck at the moment and I feel so tired! I'm also anxious because we haven't heard anything since the owners put their last application in to build townhouses in the back yard (back in April).

Thursday evening is the opening of the exhibition Erik is in at the council chambers art space.

Saturday the boys have been invited to another birthday party.

Sunday I might be heading off to Adelaide to get my PhD proposal together.

I've also decided to submit a piece to an anthology by the middle of the month, and put in an application for a fellowship with the state writing centre.

So, the roller coaster ride carries on, up and down, up and down.

I really wish I didn't feel so tired and emotional all the time though.

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