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Thankful Thursday: I am awesome!

Man I was in such a funk yesterday and for most of the day I had something bordering on a migraine (as bad as a headache gets before full blown nausea and inability to communicate hits). Lots of people copped the wrath of my temper and for that I feel the need to apologise.

I'm sorry.

Today, I thought I'd try to get back on an even keel by deciphering what it is I'm thankful for. I had read from Kate at Kate Says Stuff not to post to the Thankful link up before reading her post for today, so I just went over there to read it, and here's the deal.

She's asking participants to list three reasons they are awesome followed by three awesome things about three other people (I'm assuming bloggers, here, but I guess they don't have to be bloggers), and then letting those people know so they can also participate if they feel that way inclined.

I don't actually mind listing three reasons I'm awesome (this will come as no surprise to my regular readers). Generally speaking, I think I'm pretty awesome most of the time (except when I don't, which also happens, but not too often).

I am awesome because I always try to be better. I know I'm far from perfect, but I really do try - on a daily basis - to be a better parent, a better friend, a better daughter, a better partner, a better member of society. Sometimes it's one step forward and two steps back, but I don't give up on trying to be more considerate, more compassionate, more trustworthy, more...

I am awesome because I walk and talk with half a brain - literally - and no doctors can account for this fact! I'm literally a biological miracle by today's understanding of how the human body works.

I am awesome because despite many physical and psychological challenges (vision impairment, ADHD, hypoglycaemia, agoraphobia, Seasonal Adjustment Disorder and low bullshit tolerance syndrome), I push myself to get out there and do things and be involved and contribute as much as I can. I dream big and make every effort to achieve my dreams, even though some days it feels like wading through molasses or creeping backwards. I don't give up.

I think Jayne at The Non Domestik Goddess is awesome because she is able to see topics and issues from multiple perspectives. I know she sometimes describes herself disparagingly as a fence sitter, but I admire her balance and her ability to tolerate those pointy fence palings! She has an amazing talent for seeing all the shades of gray, not just the black and white, and this is something I feel more people should appreciate and aspire to!

I think Lillie from Lillie McFerrin Writes is awesome because of her dedication to writing and her willingness to get in there and participate but also to give back to the writing community through Five Minute Fiction and the various blog hops she (along with others) offers - I find her very inspiring!

I think Rhianna from A Parenting Life is awesome because she is always so positive and supportive and caring. I swear her comments actually exude compassion, I kid you not, they seem to glow with a golden aura. Some people are just like that - warm!

Linking up with Kate Says Stuff for Thankful Thursday!


Kim-Marie said…
Those are some pretty awesome reasons to be thankful AND awesome! X
Kebeni said…
glad you feel better today
Kate said…
Yep. You are awesome. :D xox
Me said…
I also saw Kate's comment re not posting a TT post until I had read it - and after reading it I wasn't going to even write a post because I couldn't think of anywhere I was awesom - then I was tagged - so then felt like I had better think of something - it wasn't easy but I managed in the end !
I love how many amazing blogs I have found through TT with Kate - yours is one of them.
Have the best Friday possible.
Lil Lambz said…
I am your newest follower! I loved your awesomeness and wished I followed that theme today in my Thankful Thursday post. Check it out if you have time @ Can't wait to hear more!

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